House Tour: Bedroom

The bedroom is where the big changes have happened.  Not so much in terms of the decor, but in the function and layout of the room.  I'll refresh you with some before pictures:

Here you can see the door to the closet.  The closet actually extends to the right, along the wall where the dresser is, only it was about a foot and half deep.  So if you wanted to get to the end of the closet, you had to shimmy against the dresser wall.  It was a pain for Adam to try to get his clothes, so he ended up just using Rilo's room as a closet.  So not usable at all! You can also see the plain wood jewelry box from Ikea.  Boring!

Here you can see the window to the right of the bed that actually looks into a little storage area attached to the house.  Really pointless to have a window there...Unless you like checking out your lawn mower every morning.

And here is how it looks now!  A functional, amazing closet that I am thankful for every day! 

We added another dresser since Adam and I both have a ton of clothes.  Someday I will make up my mind about whether I want to restain the dresser or paint it.  I also hung the inflatable heart Adam got me for Valentine's day last year.  It makes me happy!

Jewelry holder made from a frame and a radiator screen.

My new pretty bedspread and a windowless wall on the right!  It makes the room feel so much larger without the window there.  I don't love the layout of the room, but we have a wall of windows, a closet wall and the entrance to our room has huge sliding doors.  We're left with one wall to put our bed on.  If we center the bed, then the flow of the room is interrupted.  So against the windows it is..

Well that about wraps up the house tour.  I'll wait to show our kitchen until September when we give it a major overhaul.  And if you want to check out Rilo Jane's room, click the link up on the top left!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  We'll be packing up for our summer move to Chicago.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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  1. Ashley

    I too was going to comment on the jewelry holder! I've been wanting to make one, I'm just not sure where I want to hang it. I've really been enjoying your house tour!

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