Address Stamp

Adam and I have been meaning to get a self-inking address stamp (Adam insists it be self-inking!).  Wouldn't it be so much easier to just stamp your return address instead of writing it out every time?  Especially if you're sending things en masse!  Here are a few on Etsy we've liked:

I think we'll go with one of the more simple designs, that way it will work on any piece of mail.  I think the first three are my favorites!  Decisions, decisions...

6 thoughts on “Address Stamp

  1. Katie Bug

    I really like those self inking address stamps, too. That may be something I'll splurge on when I go back to work. The last two are actually my faves.

  2. Charlotte

    oh yes! we have one of these from Note Trunk (her "apothecary bird" design) and it is so convenient! everything i put in the mail looks so official and cute! even the bills!

  3. Alison

    So glad we found blogs! I JUST got one of these! I actually ordered one from the seller Note Trunk too! The ink is great! you'll love it!


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