Comedy Sportz

On Adam and I's second or third date, we went out to a nice Italian dinner and then went to Comedy Sportz.  We've gone several times in the past few years to Comedy Sportz...We love it!  If you've never been, you must go.  It's interactive improv comedy and it's a blast!  I've heard it compared to the show Whose Line Is It Anyway.  It's also one of the only family friendly comedy shows out there.

I just heard some sad news from Adam's sister, Melissa.  The LA Comedy Sportz is going to have to close its doors.  This is especially sad for our family because Melissa's husband Jay did Comedy Sportz in California for 12 years, some of those years at the LA venue.  If you want to support the LA Comedy Sportz, and try to save the LA venue, you can purchase tickets here.  If you're not in the LA area, good news!  You can still buy tickets and redeem them at your local Comedy Sportz location.  There a several locations nationwide...Philly, D.C., Chicago, several cities in Texas, Provo, etc.  See here for a full list of locations and here to purchase.  They are selling tickets for a great price...4 for $50 (about $12.50 a ticket).  Grab some friends and go laugh til your cheeks hurt!

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