Garden Dinner Party

Early this summer I dreamed up the idea of a birthday dinner party in my backyard.  I had come up with several ideas but we decided to stay out in Chicago for a few more weeks, so we'll celebrate my birthday out here.  Here is what I was imagining:

I am considering doing it when we get back in October, but we have a lot of plans that I want to get done when we get back (like redoing our kitchen!).  I don't want to give up on the ideas I had though.  I'm thinking maybe I'll wait until Spring!

2 thoughts on “Garden Dinner Party

  1. {Morgan}

    Hey, I'm 80% sure that I'm coming to Utah for Conference and my mission reunion (Fri night). Thurs 9/30-Sat 10/2. I don't know if you'll be home by then or when you're planning your party, but I hope it's during then!

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