Summer Rental Redesign: Final Reveal

Well, seeing as it's September now, it's probably time to share the results of my $200 Rental Redesign Challenge.  We're actually about to list everything on Craigslist, so before everything starts to disappear, I took some pictures of the living room.

It went from this boringness:

To this, more homey living room:

Here is a breakdown of where the money went:

Coffee/End Tables: $30
Two Mid-century Modern Chairs: $7
Lamps: $20 + $7 decorative supplies
Fabric: $20
Frames: $10
TV Stand: $25
Bird Cage: $5
Accessories: $10
Supplies: $10

Total: $144

Time to put the whole project together and see how I did.  Here's a reminder of what our bedroom looks like now:

And one last view of the living room, with a little baby head in the corner:

Living Room: $144
Bedroom: $63.85
Total Overall Cost: $ 207.85

Pretty close to $200...though $5 of that went to the birdcage that Adam actually bought.  So, really I was pretty much on target!  It really has made this place feel a lot like a home.  I think we've used the apartment way more than any summer in the past.

Now the real test will be if we can get our money back re-selling most of what we bought.  I'm pretty confident that we will make the money back easily!   I'll update when we've sold it all.

Edit:  I also wanted to note, that surprisingly the headboard made of foam board has held up really well.  It's still in excellent condition even though we've been using it for several months!  And to see all of the before/afters from this project, see here.

6 thoughts on “Summer Rental Redesign: Final Reveal

  1. the sleepy time gal

    you did an incredible job!!!!! i love the little details. you must be sad to part with things like the lamps (which i'd LOVE to buy) and other items. good luck.

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