Outdoor Party

I have just about given up on Blogger's scheduled post feature.  Last week and now today it has completely failed me.  Is anyone else having issues or success with it?

Well, I had a few of my old roommates over for the outdoor party I had been hoping to host.  If there is a time you shouldn't have a party, it's when your husband surprises you by driving 22 hours straight through and then unloads 2 car loads of stuff all over your house and your lawn is dead and your baby does not want to be put down all day and you burnt the chocolate cake.  This party was pretty much nothing like I was hoping for, but it was still nice to see everyone and catch up.

This is the serving tray Adam got me for my birthday.  It has a little candle underneath to keep your food warm.  I love it.

We ate butternut squash soup, asparagus, salad, french bread and then some cheesecake that Adam was nice enough to run out and get after I ruined the chocolate cake.  A very vegetable-y fall meal!

7 thoughts on “Outdoor Party

  1. Er Bear

    I am sure it was great! I think babies can totally sense when there is something big going on because that is when they never cooperate!! Thanks for offering to be one of my "models"!! I still have Thursday night or Saturday afternoon this week open...? It wouldn't be until about 8:30pm on Thursday because I like to get the kiddos to bed first:)

  2. Charlotte

    your party looks lovely! and I am sure no one missed the chocolate cake {what a bummer though.. 🙁 ...}

  3. Exteena

    I'm a stinker. I 'm on my phone in every picture. oh dear. But the dinner was as lovely as ever Briye : )

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