Magic Milk Straws

I'm kind of in love with these milk straws and I have never even tried them.  As you sip through the magic straw, it turns your milk into one of 4 flavors: chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream or vanilla.  Adam and I happen to LOVE milk.  I'm thinking these might make a fun little gift for his upcoming birthday.  And I'm even thinking about using these for Rilo's first birthday party!

{found/image via Oh Joy}

Last night while putting Rilo to bed, I came with my final ideas for Rilo's first birthday party theme.  As the date gets closer, I'm sure I'll share more.  In addition to the milk straws, I was also thinking about getting some of these biodegradable straws.   I haven't quite figured out the color scheme just yet, but I think the red might be a good fit. 

Well, wish us luck this weekend.  By Monday I should have a whole new kitchen!!  We didn't have a chance to paint yet, but that will be a quick night project maybe for Monday or Tuesday.  Can't wait to share some progress pictures and hopefully a full reveal next week!

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