Rilo’s Party Invitations

Now that everyone (hopefully) has received their invitations, I figured I can share them here. I dreamed these up all while rocking with Rilo in her rocking chair. I get some of my best ideas in that chair! I wanted to have a party theme that meant something to Rilo, which is hard since she is so young. But it is undeniable that she LOVES books, so I knew a library/book party was the way to go. (Sorry for the 2 different photo sessions...neither of which I ended up liking)


I once saw a wedding invitation with a library pocket card full of stamps from their important dates (first date, kiss, etc.) and thought it would be perfect to do something similar with her first year milestones.


The other 2 pieces were just one's I dreamed up in the chair. I wanted to include a picture of her so I came up with the "Meet the Librarian" idea.


The more I thought about all the people we wanted to surround Rilo on her big day, the more I became overwhelmed with the gifts she would get. Her little room just doesn't have much more space for more toys. So to fit with the theme, I thought it would be appropriate to have people bring books to donate to children in need.

We couldn't decide on a photo, so we sent out 2 different ones. The one above by the library books and the one below with Adam's glasses.

Now I'm just busy with all the little details of the party. Can't wait until Saturday!

14 thoughts on “Rilo’s Party Invitations

  1. kylee

    could this party get any cuter? i think not. i am head over heels for the invites. the librarian card is the cutest idea i have ever seen and i may or may not have written it down as a possibility for my future wedding. cannot wait to hear more about the party!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Sara! I designed them and then had my local printer print them. Then I stamped my heart out and assembled all the other parts!

  2. Muriel

    Seriously Bri! Such a cute idea! Love this idea and your photos are darling! And what a nice thoughtful thing to have your guests donate to kids in need. Love it as usual!

  3. Muriel

    Also Bri I am totally linking this on my blog so all my readers can enjoy this as much as I do! Still just loving this idea so much!!! I know Lily just had her one year old B-day party not that long ago but i am totally going to keep this cute idea in mind for upcoming parties!

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