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Today's feature is from one of my favorite bloggers. Do you read In the Little Red House? Please say you do. Sheena is cute and funny, takes gorgeous photos (she took our photos when we became a family of 3), and has great recipes and tips for a healthy lifestyle. I've tried her recipes and they are always fresh and delicious. Plus, I love anyone who likes to live healthy but knows a good dessert when they see one. (Hurry, right now and make her Pizookie recipe!)

What do you collect and how long have you been collecting?
I think working on this blog post made me realize what a hoarder I really am!! I have too many collections....but a few of my favs that I am constantly looking for are old cooking gadgets/utensils, small vintage dishes/cookware, old books, vintage children's books ( I LOVE the art), vintage cookbooks, old cameras, globes and maps (my boy is obsessed), and old bottles and jars.

How did you get into collecting these items? What do you think draws you to them?
I have always loved old things. My mom and grandma would take me to antique stores with them when I was little, and I still love the smell:) I love the style of old things, and how they look and feel. I think it adds more character to my house (haha which is also old).

Where do you find the items for your collection(s)?

Everywhere! Well, everywhere except for pricey antique stores--all my finds are usually really cheap. Thrift stores, garage sales, and my grandmas basement are my favorite.

Do you display your collection(s)? How/where do you display them?
My whole house is one big "display". I have old books on shelves and mantles--they add so much color and texture to a room. My old cameras are scattered throughout rooms in the house, and a few of them I've even been using. Pretty bottles are on my table, shelves, and I use them for vases. My cookbooks are in my kitchen, and the kids books are in the kids' rooms--we love to read a lot of them. I don't currently display any of my kitchen gadgets, but I am using them in the cookbook I'm working on.

Will you ever stop collecting these items? Is a collection ever complete?
Sadly....probably not! It is so fun for me to hunt for something new--something I don't have. I love to watch my collections grow....just hopefully not out of control:)

Thanks for sharing Sheena!! And thanks for those of you who helped me out yesterday. If you haven't had a chance, I would still love some input on the post below. Have a great weekend! I'm getting my house ready because my sister Jess arrives Monday!

9 thoughts on “collections: guest post series>>sheena

  1. Ashley

    Sheena's blog totally inspired me to start collecting vintage kitchen items. Her eye and the way she groups them together make ordinary things seem dreamy!

  2. Brittany

    I found her blog awhile ago and still out of the millions of pretty lil blogs hers is my top favorite! Maybe because I'm a hoarder and collect pretty glass bottles and vintage utensils too... and she's just keeps inspiring me! lovely photos above and such a cute house!

  3. Jessica

    Fabulous! I love Sheena's blog, style, and photos so so much. I so wish I could crash family dinner at her house. She's an amazing cook on top of it all!

    Am new to your blog and am loving what I see. Your layout is beautiful!

  4. sms

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