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I think I might finally upgrade my iPhone. I still have the very 1st version of the iPhone, if you can believe it. In the last week, I've dropped it twice and cracked the screen (after having it for 2 years)! I'll be honest, I love my iPhone but I don't really utilize it the way I should. I took it in to be fixed a few months ago and still need to put all my apps. back on. Which shows you have often I use my apps...
But if I do upgrade, I definitely need a new cover. In case I happen to drop it and also for the greasy, little chubby hands (and mouth) that also seem to love my phone too. Here are some I found:

{#1 Jonathan Adler}


{#2-4 Rouge and Co.}



{#5-6 Dani Notes}

{#8 Buy}

I'm not a big monogram fan, but I'd be ok with them if I just had one initial on it like a few of them show.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Covers

  1. Erin

    Perfect timing for this! I will be upgrading next week and I can't WAIT - I started out with the 3Gs which was awesome, but after I dropped it in the toilet (ha) I have had to use an old 3G, and really you can't even enjoy having an iPhone with that model, it's just too slow. So I definitely understand why you aren't using it to it's fullest potential, because you just can't! Hopefully getting the 4 will be life changing for you 🙂

  2. admin Post author

    I know Morg, I totally should. BUT, Rilo has gummed mine up so bad you can barely hear out of it. And it's cracked. So I think I'll get the 4 and Adam will get the 5 since he actually uses his phone!

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