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This Friday's featured collection comes from Kirsten Krason, the talented interior designer from 6th Street Design School.  I love how bright and happy she designs rooms, through her use of color and pattern.  If you've had the opportunity to meet her in person, you know she's one of the kindest people out there.  Thanks for stopping by Kirsten!

What do you collect and how long have you been collecting?
I collect pillows and I've been collecting them for a few years.



How did you get into collecting these items?  What do you think draws you to them?  How do they inspire you?
I die for beautiful pillows. I can't get enough of them. I am constantly looking for great pillows and fabrics for my clients and I find that I can't help but buy pillows for my own house all the time. Plus one of my best friends is a seamstress so it's easy to have custom pillows made.



Where do you find the items for your collection(s)?
I love buying great fabric and having pillows custom made. I also buy a lot of pillows on Etsy.



Do you display your collection?  How/where do you display them?
Yes! I do. I love having pillows on every bench, chair and sofa in my house. But I do have a closet full of pillows and pillow covers that I am not currently using but I just can't bear to get rid of!


Will you ever stop collecting these items?  Is a collection ever complete?
I hope not. I think pillows are something that will be around forever and although the styles will change I'll always be collecting amazing pillows.



Don't you love all the colors/patterns mixed together?  Seeing these have pushed me to get working on the pillows for my Summer Rental Redesign this year.  They really do add so much to a room.  Thanks for sharing Kirsten!  Have a good weekend all!

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