Summer Rental Redesign: Fabrics

I've been slowly stopping by thrift stores and checking out Craigslist, trying to find things to make this place feel more like home.  The only "big" purchase I've made was a desk from Goodwill, which we need to go pick up this morning.  Other than that, I have just been collecting clearance fabrics.  All of the fabrics I've purchased so far have been under $3 a yard.  I love doing this project because it allows me to experiment with colors and styles that I wouldn't normally put in my house.

For the living room, I bought the green stripes for curtains ($1.50 a yard!) and the watermelon stripes for some pillows.  These are a little more traditional in color and style, but I have some plans to spice up the living room in other ways!


For Rilo's room, I found this grey and pink striped fabric for her curtain.  Then I picked up a floral print to use in the embroidery hoops I picked up for a dollar.  Again, these fabrics are totally out of my comfort zone.  I'm not a pink girl, nor am I a really floral girl, but I love the idea of trying things out.


I'm hoping to find a dresser I can paint a dove gray for her room.  I'll hang some embroidery hoops on the wall and then I would LOVE to make something like this for over her crib area. Martha strikes again.


Aren't they so pretty?!  There is a great picture tutorial on her site and they look so easy to make!  Check out the tutorial here.

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