I've been slowly stopping by thrift stores and checking out Craigslist, trying to find things to make this place feel more like home.  The only "big" purchase I've made was a desk from Goodwill, which we need to go pick up this morning.  Other than that, I have just been collecting clearance fabrics.  All of the fabrics I've purchased so far have been under $3 a yard.  I love doing this project because it allows me to experiment with colors and styles that I wouldn't normally put in my house.

For the living room, I bought the green stripes for curtains ($1.50 a yard!) and the watermelon stripes for some pillows.  These are a little more traditional in color and style, but I have some plans to spice up the living room in other ways!


For Rilo's room, I found this grey and pink striped fabric for her curtain.  Then I picked up a floral print to use in the embroidery hoops I picked up for a dollar.  Again, these fabrics are totally out of my comfort zone.  I'm not a pink girl, nor am I a really floral girl, but I love the idea of trying things out.


I'm hoping to find a dresser I can paint a dove gray for her room.  I'll hang some embroidery hoops on the wall and then I would LOVE to make something like this for over her crib area. Martha strikes again.


Aren't they so pretty?!  There is a great picture tutorial on her site and they look so easy to make!  Check out the tutorial here.


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  • I LOVE those!!!!! How funny-- I just got more woodenembroidery hoops to use somewhere in my house as well!

    May 17, 2011 at 7:34 pm