2011: A Year in Review

I can hardly believe tomorrow marks the start of 2012.  As I get older, it seems the years go by faster and faster.  I have loved this year but am happy to start fresh next year.  We have lots of exciting things on the horizon.  Adam has finally graduated, which means we can work on lots of new projects.  We are finishing up the bedroom makeover I've been talking about for a year now and next we'll start on turning a mud room/storage room into a nursery.  So much to look forward to, including adding a little baby boy in February.


I love looking back and seeing all the things I was able to accomplish over the year...especially when it sometimes seemed like it wasn't much.  Hopefully you'll like this little trip down memory lane too!

In January, I switched my site from The WEBBlog over here to {collected}.  I still love this space and have a few more ideas to tweak and fix it a little bit more.




In February we revealed our super tight budget kitchen makeover.




And celebrated Rilo's 1st birthday with a library-themed party.



I also started a weekly series called Collections, where I featured several bloggers and all the things they collected.

{from Sheena's guest post}



In March, I flew home to PA and helped with invitations and ideas for my friend Alicia's bridal shower.



I shot my first roll of film and I haven't turned back since then.



After a bit of a sewing slump (which I think I may still be in), I made Rilo a strawberry skirt in April.



I also started producing a monthly free download.  For the 1st one, I made gift tags for Easter!



Right before we headed out for the summer, Nicole and I threw an outdoor garden dinner party.



We also had family photos taken by Yan and I still can't get enough of them!



In May, I decided to make some of Rilo's onesies into t-shirts for her since onesies weren't necessary anymore.



May's free download was a free art print that still gets downloaded almost daily!



And here is where 1st trimester set in...the only summer rental redesign project I finished was this desk.



Oh July.  Nothing happened in July except a whole lot of sleeping.  It was about all I could do.  I did manage to design this bridal shower invitation.



In August I flew home to execute/photograph/attend my friend Alicia's wedding reception.  I made this cake for the reception and I'm still drooling over it.

{image by Sheena}



In September I was all about another treat...these Fudgy Chocolate Toffee Bars.



In October I was feeling much better!  I attended the Film Is Not Dead workshop and had a blast!



I finally announced that I was pregnant and having a boy!


I designed an invitation and a mad lib game for a bridal shower.  I need someone I know to get married so I can play the mad lib game.  Such a fun idea!



Melanie and I revealed our wrapping paper we designed.  We sold it at Bijou Market and is now available online and in a few local boutiques!



October's free download was a birthday card!



November was all about our humanitarian trip to Belize, where we built a dome for a family. You can read all about our trip here.



December came and went so quickly!  December's free download was an iPhone wallpaper.



We decided on the overall look of baby boy's nursery.



And I threw a Cookie Exchange Party and included a free printable invitation set.



And lastly, I sent out some late Christmas cards!



Which brings us right back to today!  I'll also be sharing a photography post tomorrow of all my favorite images from the past year.


Thanks for sharing this year with me!  I'm so thankful to have my own space to collect and share all the things I love and so glad to have so many great readers who make this all worth it!  Cheers to 2012!  Have a safe and happy new year!

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  1. Mano

    Bri you have accomplished so much this last year! I'm excited about what 2012 will bring to our lives and what all you're going to blog. I can't wait to meet your little boy! Love you guys! Happy New Year!

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