Christmas Cards + Neighbor Gifts

I'm hoping most of my Christmas cards have made it out by now!  Next year I will definitely have pictures taken ahead of time, since that was our main struggle this year.  Getting Rilo to cooperate for the tripod was not exactly the easiest thing.  In fact, I ended up taking 3 individual pictures this year instead!



I laughed when I realized the colors from our Christmas cards this year matched the colors from Rilo's 1st birthday party.  Definitely not intentional, but they must've been stuck in the back of my mind!




And this year, after seeing this post, I thought I would do monogrammed mugs, hot chocolate and cookies for neighbor gifts.  I thought they coordinated well with our cards!  I purchased stencils from Lowe's, the mugs from the Dollar Store and then ceramic paint from the craft store.




Monogrammed mugs must've been the thing to do this year!  I loved seeing that Erica from Erica's Bloggity Blog and Melissa from ISLY both had similar ideas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards + Neighbor Gifts

  1. Melissa

    I love what you did!! Your card is all sorts of adorable.

    What kind of ink did you use for your monogram? I was thinking about doing gold/silver, but afraid it wouldn't microwave well.

    1. admin Post author

      I found Gold ceramic paint at the craft store. I just had to bake it in the oven so it would set!

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