Christmas Wishlist

I've said this before but I am really lucky that I have a husband who is the world's best gift giver.  I have no idea what I'm getting this year, but I'm excited to see what thoughtful things he has come up with.  These are a few things that I want/need that I would love to receive...and I may or may not have already purchased 2 of the 5 due to some tempting discounts I found.  We've had our rug and sheets for almost 4 years and it's about time.  And our knife set is slowly falling apart (literally, some of the knives have just broken to pieces).  The painting and computer case are just nice little extras.  We'll be getting new sheets in the next couple of days and our new living room rug arrived yesterday.  I'll update on the rug situation soon!


Of course, I would really be happy just to sit and watch Adam and Rilo enjoy Christmas Day, with or without any gifts.


{Sheets, Painting, Knife Set, Rug, Computer Case}

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