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If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen a mad rug pinning spree by me last week. I found some great 8 x 10 options that were affordable and would possibly work in our rearranged bedroom space. Adam and I carefully narrowed down our options until we found the right one (I even found a killer deal on it!). And wouldn't you know it...it's backordered until April! I've even tried multiple sites! So now we're back to the drawing boards. I'm just not sure I can wait that long!


Here's a refresher on the overall colors and main items in the bedroom:



This was the rug we finally settled on:



Side note: The image below was the only one featured on at least 4 different sites.  We actually really liked the idea of just one blue stripe.  So we were a little surprised when we went to Dash and Albert's site and saw it has multiple stripes.  We still liked it but we would have been very shocked if we hadn't stumbled onto their site!




And now here's what we are currently looking at:

{1., 2., 3., 4., 5. , 6. }


Of course now most of these aren't on sale anymore so some of them are out of the running!  I think I may head back to the drawing board.  We need something a little more subtle with a simpler pattern because of the other colors and patterns in the room.  I'll update when we finally make a decision!

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Rug Options

  1. katie beth summerhays

    bri, i'm loving the look of your room so far. and the winter duvet/spring duvet idea is brilliant. (seriously, i may have to borrow that idea.) the light blue stripe rug would have fit in really nicely, but i also think option #3 could be great.

    aaaand so glad to have met you at alt. matching a face to my favorite wrapping paper is really important 🙂 hope to stay in touch!

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