Dining Room Sideboard

I mentioned a little while ago that we had finally found a sideboard for our dining room. Our dining room table is really narrow so having extra space to put dishes and food is a huge plus. Not to mention the extra storage we have in the dining room, since Collier's room used to be mostly kitchen/dining room storage. We purchased this off of Craigslist and the previous owner had already painted it white. The white is perfect...it feels fresh and modern and doesn't compete with our gorgeous farmhouse table. I still want to play around with the styling of the table...these were all random items around our house.


2 thoughts on “Dining Room Sideboard

  1. Emma (Glitter and Gold)

    I love it! it fits perfect in there and i love the plates you hung!!! all the colors are so cheerful! I have to know where you got your dining table? i have been looking for something like this forever . . . xoxoxo E

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