Old Navy Baby Sale

Why is it that I have the hardest time buying things for myself but have NO problem buying things for my kids?!  Is it because the clothes are miniature, therefore cuter?   I don't know the reason, but I really have to hold myself back sometimes.  This week is the Old Navy Baby Sale and I'm not sure I can resist much longer.


{Yellow Dress, Blue Tunic, Striped Hoodie, Yellow Skinnies, Striped Flats}



{Grey Tee, Purple Striped Button Down, Green Windbreaker, Canvas Shoes, Green Jeans }


I'm just finishing up the photos from Rilo's 2nd birthday party.  Can't wait to share!

2 thoughts on “Old Navy Baby Sale

  1. Ashley

    Ryann may or may not have gotten everything you've listed, except the shoes and pink skinnies instead of yellow...

    I seriously can't stop buying clothes for her. I can't tell you how much stuff is already in her closet, there isn't room for another single item! But I still bought a couple dresses at Target yesterday because they were just too cute. Oh well 🙂

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