Spring Brights

I recently read an article about a new executive over at JC Penney trying to revamp the brand.  Since then, I've seen better commercials and fresher mailing ads from them.  I don't usually stop by JC Penney but Adam and I passed through there the other day, and I actually found myself liking a lot of items as I walked through.  I was even more impressed with the price tags.  Everything below is under $30 and most of the items are actually under $20.  One thing I think they need to work on is their styling and photos on their website.  I saw these items in the store and most of them look much cuter in the store than online.  Especially the yellow shirt below.  It's actually a really bright yellow with great yellow piping detail...I was really tempted to grab it on my way out.



{Purple SkirtYellow Pocket BlouseBlack & White Striped SweaterPink Striped SweaterPink PantsRed Rain BootsWedge Sandals}

One thought on “Spring Brights

  1. Brittany

    So funny that you are blogging about this.. I just received a mailing ad last Sunday, and thought wow this looks great, and really different. I was also really impressed with the prices. I don't normally shop there but it made me want to go and look around.

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