What We Ate

Two nights ago I made a list of everything I would love to accomplish in the next 2 weeks before baby boy comes along. And there were over 50 items on our To-Do list!  Yikes! Of course, not all of them are big priorities, but I would still love to have them done before I have a toddler and a newborn. So far we've crossed off 5 things. I'm hoping this weekend we can cross off at least 10 more!  I'm looking forward to sharing all the little changes around here with all of you.


Now on to what we ate this week! I'm going to be rethinking this series a little bit. Hopefully next week I'll have something figured out. I like the idea of it because I pin a million recipes on Pinterest but who knows if they're any good?! If I post them here, know that they got our stamp of approval!


I used a nice spicy sausage and it really made this super easy soup a winner!  It had some great heat to it!


{White Bean and Sausage Soup}



This is a creamy and delicious casserole!  This had a few more steps that made it take a little longer to prep, but we devoured it when it was done so I'd say it was worth it!

{Mexican Chicken Casserole}


I've already posted about the above recipe, but we loved it so much we made it again.  And I doubled the glaze as I had mentioned last time and we loved it even more.  It's a crock pot recipe so it's really pretty simple!

{Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork}


Today is the last day to take my survey and enter into the giveaway for 2 rolls of my chevron wrapping paper.  Take a quick minute if you haven't already!  Have a great weekend!

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