On the Docket

It seems like the weather all over has been gorgeous! We loved getting outside every day this weekend. I always feel so much more happy and productive with the sun shining and there is a hint of warm weather. I made a big to-do list for this week and I'm excited to get to work.

In the spirit of keeping things real, here are two "oops" projects going on around here. Back in November when it was still surprisingly nice out, I started to paint some test samples on our door. I decided against all the samples I chose, but by the time I decided on another color, it was freezing. To let the door properly dry, we need to leave it open all day and I certainly did not want to do that during the winter. So our poor door has had these terrible paint samples for the last several months. Oops!




Here's my other "oops". I purchased this shower curtain off of Amazon. On Amazon it says it's machine washable. So late one night I threw it in the washing machine because it seriously needed a good wash. Well when I pulled it out, it shrunk almost a foot on all sides. I checked the tag and turns out it's dry clean only. Oops! So now I'm on the hunt for a new shower curtain!


2 thoughts on “On the Docket

  1. ashley@marriedlane

    At least you started thinking about painting your door. We installed a new front door back in November and it's still in primer! As far as the shower curtain goes, I love target's options. We got a curtain and liner that are BOTH machine washable and I love them.

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