Painted Front Door

Well I finally did it...I painted the front door! The paint swatches are gone and in their place, is a very bright teal door. And after a few hours and 2 coats of paint...I just don't know that I love it. Boo!  I wanted it to be so much deeper and richer. The color in the paint bucket was so beautiful but on the door it just seems SO bright. But oh well...at least it's done. Maybe in the fall I'll contemplate painting it again!

Here is a before shot:



And an in between shot:



And the afters:


4 thoughts on “Painted Front Door

  1. myblackfriendsays

    It's cute. Though I have to say, I will miss the secret message swatches. It doesn't really look that bright in the pictures, I am guessing it will grow on you in time (:

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