Summer Rental Redesign III


Each summer we move into a rental apartment and leave our house behind. To make the apartment feel more like home, we've started a project each year called our Summer Rental Redesign. We give ourselves a very small budget and transform our apartment as best as we can. Then we try to sell what we've bought at the end of the summer to recoup our money spent. The first summer it went really well and I loved how it turned out! Last summer I was pregnant and more tired than I've ever been in my life and really didn't do much. This summer we are ready to do it again. This time we've upped the budget slightly from $200 to $250 because I'll be doing 3 rooms: living room/dining, master bedroom and Rilo's room.


We've already purchased some furniture pieces (most of our furniture is provided by Adam's company) and some accessories. I'll be sharing some before pictures and some of our projects soon!

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