Adam’s Graduation Announcements

Well, let's toss these in the "never going to be mailed" pile. Back in DECEMBER, I made these graduation announcements for Adam to send out. However, we never coordinated with addresses and a list of people to send them to, so they sat and sat. I'll just have to use the envelopes for something else and recycle the announcements!


I'm so proud of Adam! It was a long road but he did it. This is the kid who barely made it through high school, yet he graduated with nearly a 4.0. He was involved in a million clubs and still found time for work and family. Someday I hope to be more like Adam!



Need an invitation or announcement?  Email me at bri@collectedblog.com!

3 thoughts on “Adam’s Graduation Announcements

  1. Ashley@marriedlane

    Congrats, Adam! Those looks great, Bri - I love the colors. I have a small stack of birth announcements from when Jack was born that didn't get mailed... such a bummer when that happens, but life just moves too quick sometimes!

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