Jen and Adam’s Engagements

Sorry for the light posting this week...we have been getting settled in California. Well, as settled as you can get for only staying one month! I really hope to back in full swing next week. Summers are always a little hard with our crazy schedules!
I actually shot Jen and Adam's wedding a few weeks ago and it was a blast. About 2 weeks before the wedding, we met up in Lancaster, PA to take some engagements. We spent a little time at their new house and then moved on to this beautiful lookout point. On the top of the hill, you could see 365 degrees around you. Plus there were dozens of butterflies flying around us. It was a gorgeous location!

5 thoughts on “Jen and Adam’s Engagements

  1. Sara K {SaigeWisdom}

    oh my gosh! that one photo of this gorgeous couple in a seemingly empty house has my mind reeling with ideas. I SO wish I had your talent; I'd stylize a 'moving in' engagement shoot in a heartbeat or do pro bono photos for a fun Realtor... cardboard boxes, barren walls - I'm dying.

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