Last year Adam organized a humanitarian trip to Belize, where we built a dome (house) for a family (Part I and Part II). It was one of my favorite experiences to date. I loved getting to know the people of the village Chunox and helping out in a small way.

Today, Adam set out again for Belize. This time the focus is on education. They will be finishing schools (one school is missing ceilings and wheelchair ramps), providing supplies and purchasing computers. If a school has 5 computers, the government will get the school internet! I am so sad that I'm not able to make it this time around (nursing would make it complicated) but I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing pictures from the trip.

Today, especially, I feel lucky to live where I do and to enjoy the freedoms that I have. Have a good day and if you haven't been bombarded enough as it is, go out and vote! 🙂