Collier 10 Months

I just looked back and apparently I missed months 8 & 9 and I'm feeling a little sad about it. Looking at Collier's 7 month pictures compared to these 10 months has shown me how much he has grown since then!

So much has happened with Collier in the last few months. He has 4 teeth! Which is a miracle because Rilo didn't even get her first tooth until she was 14 months! He also started walking at 9.5 months. He is SO fast now! He claps, says "mama" and "dada" and tries hard to say "Rilo", signs for more, does "so big", gives kisses and plays peek a boo.

My favorite thing to watch has been the developing relationship between Rilo and Collier. As he gets older, they have been playing more and more. Rilo hides and Collier finds her and attacks her. A recent favorite has been a game of tag. Rilo runs all around the house and Collier chases after her. Of course, it's not always smooth sailing...Rilo still gets mad when he "ruins her train tracks" or gets in her way. But overall they are becoming best friends and it makes my whole world.

Collier loves all food. I still haven't found a food he won't eat. And if you are eating in front of him and aren't sharing, he'll yell at the top of his lungs until you oblige him.

He is so sweet. He shares lots of loves and snuggles along with some slobbery kisses. He definitely loves his mama. And I sure love him.

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