Woodland Themed Wedding Invitations

When my dear friend Margo asked me about designing woodland themed wedding invitations, I immediately got excited.  What better way to say "we're getting married in a forest" than by printing the actual invite on wood!?  We also created a map and a special details insert.  Since they were having a very intimate wedding, they asked that the guests dress in their colors, as they were all honorary wedding party members.  We added a fun little color wheel to guide the guests in the right direction.  My favorite addition was not my idea (it was actually the groom's!).  Margo and Brock included a different polaroid for each guest!  Congrats Margo and Brock!


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3 thoughts on “Woodland Themed Wedding Invitations

  1. Miranda Walker

    These are so lovely! The colors are perfect and the color wheel idea is so great! My son's name is Cedar so we printed his birth announcements on wood. I loved the texture the grain of the wood added to the whole thing.

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