Unique Holiday Gifts

I've been wanting to put together a list of some of my favorite gift ideas for a little while.  I like to try and think of outside of the box gifts for the holidays and birthdays. These are all unique gifts that I've either received or given as a gift and are things we have loved.


Unique Holiday Gift Ideas



  1. All white dishes from Replay Recycled.  I did a whole post about my undying love for these kids dishes.  And while it may not be the most glamorous gift to give a mom, I promise she will love the sanity.  If you know someone with toddlers, one color dishes are a must have.  We've had ours for a full year and the quality is excellent.
  2. My mother-in-law gifted me a few meals from Terra's Kitchen for my birthday this year.  Everything is pre-chopped and ready to cook in 20 minutes or less.  We loved trying new meals and I loved not having to think about our dinner once a week!  There are lots of these services, this is just the one I've used.
  3. I've been using Chatbooks for a few years and we love them.  We have them displayed all around our house.  I've given them to grandparents, to my friends after a girls trip and most recently, a gift card to my sister who just had a baby.  They're the perfect keepsake and the holiday editions this year are beautiful.


  1. I can't vouch for this new redesigned version of the Toy mail Talkies, but we had the first version and loved it!  Adam travels a lot and our family is spread all over the US.  Friends and family (of your choosing) can download the free app and can send messages to your child and vice versa.  There's a whole lot more with the new version (alarms, reminders, etc.) but we've loved sending messages, especially in funny voices.  They are doing 30% off today (Black Friday) which makes them a killer deal.
  2. There was a whole year where a Magazine Subscription was the only gift we gave to our friends and family all year.  There are lots of subscriptions (National Geographic Kids is another great one) but I love the selection from Cricket Media.  They have magazines for all ages.  So far we've done BabyBug, LadyBug, and Click.  It's fun for kids to get mail and if after a few readings you're done with them, you can recycle them and it frees up space.
  3. We've had our Micro Scooters for about 3 years now.  And while they've been beat up quite a bit, they are still holding strong.  I would say these are probably our most used toy of all time.  Collier started on one when he was 20 months and Rilo still uses hers at almost 7, so the age range is really broad.



  1. Rilo was gifted a few Blank Hardcover Books and we've since gifted them to our friends too. She has one fully completed story and I think it's one of my favorite things to read.  I love seeing her creative mind at work and having her handwriting and illustrations at each age shown in a book.
  2. I've loved these Step by Step Drawing Books since I was a kid.  In fact, when Adam and I were dating, I would use them to write dorky love notes while he was away during the summer.  Everyone feels like an artist with these!
  3. These Blank Board Books are similar to the other books but every page is a hard page.  These are fun for kids to give to younger siblings or to make for a baby/young toddler.  Say Yes has a great tutorial for making a "Baby's First Words" book  here.

Do you have any unique gifts you like to give or that you've received?  I'm always trying to add more to my list!


This post contains affiliate links of things I really love.

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