Kitchen/Living Room Before & After

Our house remodel has been completed for the last few months so now I've been working on getting this place put back together.  This is definitely all still a work in progress so I have a hard time really calling these the "after" photos, but I thought I would share where we are right now.

The main thing we have left to do is to put in a backsplash in the kitchen.  I honestly got a little burnt out with decisions and was also feeling like I really needed to see the space completed before making a choice on tile.  Otherwise, all the major stuff is complete!  Now I just need to find some more appropriately sized items for the tall shelves (HA) in the living area and to make sure the furniture arrangement is working for us.


The kitchen had a pretty good general layout to begin with and was a great size.  We did gut the whole thing and redid the floors.  I wanted to keep the original floors but they had split the kitchen and living area in half, with wood in the kitchen and carpet in the living room.  Unfortunately, there was no wood underneath the carpet and to make the existing wood match with new was actually going to cost more than just putting all new wood down.  They also had a short, fat island and had left space for a table, but with the dining room just a few steps away, we decided a long island (12 ft) would make the best use of the space and would work well for our family.  The beams are the same except we had the brackets sprayed black (thanks to our realtor @thehomescoop for that suggestion) and I think it helps the whole beam stand out a little more.  I mentioned on Instagram that the railing above the kitchen is a kids play loft that the original owners had put in.  There's a ladder in the hallway to access it. My kids love it!

I found a lot of things on Amazon and eBay, which definitely saved some money.  There were a few faucets I looked at on other sites that were going to cost as much as my fridge! I linked up what I could below.


1419194_4279ae26bab009a6243f4be119ae7bbc_566433 1419194_19dfd864a3821a0e8b0639862eb311ca_516866 1419194_f730c4a2697b223ab8738090b6df1f14_525138


Foothill Kitchen18

Foothill Kitchen27Foothill Kitchen20Foothill Kitchen32 Foothill Kitchen24
Foothill Kitchen28 Foothill Kitchen29 Foothill Kitchen23Foothill Kitchen30

Foothill Before After-02

Kitchen Cabinets: Custom by Rimrock Furniture

Hardware: Hamilton-Bowes (out of stock but keep checking...the price is great)

Sink: Primart Stainless Steel 

Faucet: Ollypulse

Drinking Faucet: Huntington Brass

Bar Stools: Wishbone Stools

Island Countertop: Honed Black Granite

Perimeter Countertop: Denali Quartz (pure white)

Fridge/Freezer/Dishwasher/Microwave: Frigidaire

Range: 48" Thor

Rug: Vintage via eBay

Paint: Ultra Pure White

Floors: Red Oak with only a water based sealant (light with small hints of red/pink)



I'm so glad this little sitting is right off the kitchen.  We end up hanging out here pretty frequently, even though it's not our main hang out space.  It's great for while I'm cooking or just sitting and chatting.

This area didn't need too much...we ran the hardwood through this area so it flowed a little better.  We painted the built-ins and brick, retiled the hearth and put new doors and hardware on the lower cabinets.  I love all the original brass sconces throughout the house!

The main pieces of furniture were all thrifted from our local Craigslist type site and I reused a lot of items from our last house!  I did try and put links to some of the items at the end.


1419194_c021efb107f03a130e6965230934b3ce_442545 1419194_df3d1d8da23b19c45df2ca2fd6c81184_463824



Foothill Kitchen1 Foothill Kitchen3 Foothill Kitchen5 Foothill Kitchen10 Foothill Kitchen9 Foothill Kitchen7 Foothill Kitchen8 Foothill Kitchen13 Foothill Kitchen15 Foothill Kitchen16

Foothill Before After-01

Love Seat/Leather Chair/Club Chairs: Vintage

Coffee Table: West Elm via Craigslist

Rug: RugsUSA

Black + White Pillow/Hex Nesting Tables: Elizabeth Hales Design

Blue Pillow: Loom Goods


**This post contains a handful of Amazon affiliate links of things I bought and like**