Master Bathroom Before/After

I imagine back in it's day, this Japanese spa vibe was extremely hip and luxurious.  But the carpeted floors and faux Japanese screens (with fluorescent lights behind them, to make it appear like a window) had to go!


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If you were following along on Instagram, we weighed layout options for a long time, trying to find the best fit for everything we wanted!  Once we settled on a layout, Adam convinced me it was worth it to take out the wall/door in between the vanity and the shower/tub area.  I'm so glad we did!  It makes the whole space feel connected and more open.  These photos below are taken from where the tub is, looking into the vanity area.



We kept it simple and classic, with black marble floors, marble shower tile and black and brass accents throughout.  We switched where the tub and shower were from the previous owners and moved the toilet to the far left corner.


Foothill Master Bath1

Foothill Master Bath2 Foothill Master Bath3 Foothill Master Bath5 Foothill Master Bath10Foothill Master Bath7Foothill Master Bath6

Now as much as we love the look of this room, this is where we have the biggest regrets.  We wish we would've done more to this room.  This ended up being one of the last rooms to get done, but we should've made it the first in terms of selecting things and planning it out. In fact, we messed up big time on the shower...so much so that we will be slightly redoing it in the next month or two.  Our problem is that in a normal house, you can do an open glass shower like we did because your ceiling is usually a foot or two above the glass, keeping the heat in.  However what I didn't account for was the fact that we have 20 ft. ceilings in there and so all the warm air is immediately sucked up, leaving you pretty cold.  So we will be adding a second shower head (which I didn't do initially because I don't love the look when they aren't on opposite walls) and adding hand held sprayers and possibly a few body sprayers.  We will only have to tear out a channel of tile to add the plumbing and then repair that, so it won't be TOO costly or time-consuming, but still a bummer for sure!

Despite that, we really do love this room!  It's so much bigger than our last bathroom and the tub is a real dream come true.  I especially loved using my tub while I was pregnant.  It gets a 10 in terms of comfort level!



Tile: Floor & Decor

Tub: Whitewater London Tub

Art Print: Hav House

Shower Head: Delta Trinsic in Champagne Bronze via Amazon

Bath Faucet: Homary

Vanity Light: YLighting

Vanity Faucets: Derengge via Amazon

Rug: eBay

**This post contains a handful of Amazon affiliate links of things I bought and like**


3 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Before/After

  1. Melissa

    We have 2 shower heads (on opposite sides) and I never thought I'd want it...but I find if I only turn one on, I end up turning the other one on....it's lovely! I think you'll love the extra water shooting at ya 😉 Love the remodel, you guys did a great job!

  2. Lauren

    I love this rug! It's says you found it on eBay- I would love the link to it or what you searched in order to find it! Thank you! Great great job.

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