Christmas Party Games

Collected Christma Game Ideas-02


We hosted our first Christmas party this year and it was so much fun!  We have a group of work friends that get together for Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day.  It's such a fun group and we always play the best games.  We normally play a few minute-to-win-it games, some men vs. women games (or team games), and couple games (ending with a version of the Newlywed Game ).  It's always hilarious!  Here are the games we played this year:



Reindeer Ring Toss


Reindeer Ring Toss Inflatables

This one is easy.  Just buy the inflatable antlers on Amazon and see who scores the most points in a minute!


Snowman Stack


Mini Marshmallows

The object is to create as many "snowmen" as you can in 1 minute.  A "snowman" is 3 marshmallows stacked on top of each other.  Player or team with the most wins.


Rudolph's Nose


Cotton Balls



Red marker

Start with a bowl full of cotton balls and one empty bowl for each participant.  Color 1 (or as many as you like) of the cotton balls red. Players place a dab of vaseline on their noses.  Players must transfer as many cotton balls from the full bowl to the empty bowl in 1 minute.  3 bonus points are awarded if you transfer the red cotton ball.  Highest score wins!



5 Second Rule -Christmas Edition


Phone (for a timer)

List of Categories

This is a take on the game 5 Second Rule.  To play, you sit guy, girl, guy, girl, etc. in a line or circle.  The host will read the category to the first player.  For example, "Name 3 Male Movie Stars".  The player then has 5 seconds to answer (use your phone timer).  If the player is able to name 3, their team gets a point.  If they are unable to name 3 total, the play moves to the person next to them (of the opposite sex or team).  They then have 5 seconds to answer BUT they may not use any of the answers the previous person used AND they must name 3 total.  For example, the first player says "Tom Cruise and George Clooney" but can't think of the third in the 5 seconds.  The play quickly moves to the next person and they must come up with 3 new examples that fit and cannot use Tom Cruise or George Clooney.  It continues around until someone names all 3 (and doesn't repeat any answers) or until no one can answer.

I created a Christmas edition which you can download below.


Christmas Carol Pictionary




List of Christmas Carols (cut and in a bag or container)

Print out the list of Christmas carols and cut them into strips.  Divide into 2 teams.  A player from each team comes up and the host pulls out the name of a carol from the bag for each team. (We found it made more sense for each team to draw different carols so they don't cheat off each other).  The "artist" runs back and begins to draw their carol.  Once their team guesses the song correctly, the whole team must break out into song and sing their carol for 10 seconds.  The team to complete their 10 seconds first gets a point.



Newlywed Game-Christmas Edition




This is the classic Newlywed Game.  Couples split up and go into different rooms and each answer a set of 10 questions.  The goal is to have the same answer written down as your spouse/significant other.  The couples come back to the same room and the host asks the questions.  The couples go around the room and see if their answer matches their significant others answer.  The couple with the most correct answers win.

You can download these Christmas games below.