One of the things I was so excited about in our new house was the entryway. Our last house walked right into our living room so having this space feels extra exciting. I fell in love with the Blu Dot Strut Console Table in this awesome watermelon. However, the price jumped up an extra $100 right before I finally convinced myself to splurge. And well, then I really couldn't justify the splurge.

I really liked the metal legs so I searched for something similar. I found this one at JCPenney for under $100 so I snatched it up.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 2.13.52 PM
Adam and I sprayed the legs hot pink because I liked the way it tied in with my persian rug (which I bought from eSale rugs). The huge mirror was from an antique store in Arizona, the lamp was $2 from a local campus sale, red box and candle from Target, plant from Ikea and gold basket from a St. Louis thrift store.

{collected} Entryway1

{collected} Entryway2

{collected} Entryway3

{collected} Entryway4
This area is still unfinished...I want 2 chairs to on either side of the console to help balance out how large the mirror is. The Blu Dot console was probably the better size, but I still don't think it would have been worth the cost. I might also add some smaller pieces of art on the wall as well.


12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Giveaway on Little Yellow Barn

Awhile ago I helped Ashley and Jourdan with their site, Little Yellow Barn. Today I'm over there giving away a custom party kit (invitations, banner, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, etc.). Basically every printable you need to have a great party! OR you can choose $50 towards my design services, for something like a logo or blog header! So I suppose today's download will really only be for ONE person, but maybe that will be you!?
Head over to Little Yellow Barn to enter! And check back the rest of the week for the last of my free Christmas printables! Some great downloads coming up!


Silas’ 1st Birthday Party: Nautical

I knew my friend Britt was going to throw a great 1st birthday for her guy Silas but I didn't realize how perfectly planned it would be.  She had all the little details down and it was such a fun party!  There was a seafood boil, plenty of food, a candy bar, outdoor games and one cute little 1 year old!


You can also see his invitations here!

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Blogger Meet Up

Don't forget the Blogger Meet Up at Soel Boutique is tonight! I'll be there in all my post-baby glory!  Let's hope I can find something to wear that fits.  See you there!


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Alice Lane Blogger Social

I feel like this week may turn into party week.  I attended 3 great parties this past weekend that I have to share!  The first was a blogger social hosted by Alice Lane and Kirsten Krason from 6th Street Design School.  Yummy treats, a handmade gift exchange and lots of talk with friends made it a great evening.  I somehow managed to stay out of every single picture the photographer took, but here are a few of the event!


{Susan, Emily, Nicole}


And here's a list of all the fun people who attended:


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Happy Belated Fourth

We had a nice relaxing holiday. Well Adam had to work for part of it, so maybe his day wasn't as relaxing as mine was! We had a little bbq with the wives and then Rilo and I played outside and enjoyed the day. As you can tell from her picture, she was seriously loving some food!



I'll be back this week in full force on this poor, neglected blog!

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Summer Rental Redesign II

Last summer, while in Chicago, I challenged myself to redesign our summer rental apartment with just $200.  We had such a blast fixing up furniture and transforming the space into something more "homey" that we've decided to do it again.  We have a bit more rental furniture this year than last year, so that frees up some of the money to do other rooms (Rilo's perhaps?).  I'll be updating you on my projects as we move along.



I purchased some fabrics at Home Fabrics again before we left for $1.50 a yard, for decorator fabric.  Amazing!  Now that I have internet, I'll be stalking Craigslist and I'll also be hitting up some local thrift store.  You can see the before and after pictures from last year here and read more about the project here.
And I FINALLY have internet.  Is it sad that being without internet for 5 days nearly made me crazy?!  I had my iPhone, but it's just not the same on there.  I have so much to catch up with on the blog!  Sweet baby Jude, an engagement session, favorite finds across the web, AND guess what?!  My site is going to be completed after 3 loooong months of waiting.  I'm beyond excited.   I'm back, and have lots of free time, so I hope to have lots of projects, sewing creations, downloads and other fun stuff for you.  Thanks for hanging in there!


La jolla

Can you forgive me for not posting today? We are in La Jolla celebrating our anniversary. So far we had breakfast in bed, flowers delivered, massages at the spa and now we're walking around town. It's been perfect! Rilo also happens to love the beach so that's a plus! Tomorrow I'll be back with pictures from our garden party! Can't wait to share!


Easter Egg Hunt

Friday morning, Jenna and Kate hosted the perfect Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids. There was a crepe bar, with all the great toppings, chocolate milk and little OJ's for brunch. Then the kids ran around a perfectly landscaped yard looking for eggs. Except for Rilo, who didn't quite get it yet. She just ran up and down this little bridge and followed the fluffy white dog. Such a great event!


Don't worry, I won't be wearing that horribly unflattering outfit again! Big thanks to Nicole for these images since my camera battery died before I could even take one picture!