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So happy to have Heather, who you know from The Cotorie and Kantan Designs! Her blog is always a top read of mine and it helps that it's my favorite shade of yellow. I promise, she really is as nice as she seems on her blog!

What do you collect and how long have you been collecting?
I love collections! I collect a lot of things, but here are a select few.
-old books for decor (I judge books by their covers!)
-squished pennies of places I've been

How did you get into collecting these items? What do you think draws you to them? How do they inspire you?
Old Books- The old books I got into recently because to be quite honest, I needed to fill space on my built-in shelving in out front living room. I've always loved the way old books look, so wise and you can tell they've been well-read. I always wonder who's read them and what other houses they've lived at. I specifically love the old Readers Digests because they have lovely patterns on the covers. My husband thinks it's odd how I display them, all lined up against the back of the shelf, but I like looking at all the covers. *Note, I have plans of reading them. My mom told me that you'd never find my grandma not reading one...that inspired me to be more well-read.
The Mugs- Matt and I decided to start collecting neat mugs when we got married. We've accumulated quite a bit, and have purged a few times. We always have our favorites though! I'm not really sure how the mug collection came to be though.
Squished Pennies- When I went to college in Hawaii I bought a "Penny Passport" at a local shave ice shack. I have no idea what possessed me to buy it, but I did. I've probably had it for about 7 years now, and it never, EVER leaves my purse. Yes, It's been in my purse for 7 years, literally. I figure if I get a squished penny on a random day, I'll need somewhere to put it, and I would never dare risk losing it 🙂 To be honest, it's a great conversation piece and I like showing it to kids. I only collect pennies of places I've been. *Please excuse the crumbs in the photo..it just happens when it sits at the bottom of my purse!

Where do you find the items for your collection(s)?
Anywhere and everywhere! The old books I've mostly bought at the local thrift store, the mugs are usually gifts or from places we've traveled, and the squished pennies are from all over! If there's a machine, I'll get one!



Do you display your collection(s)? How/where do you display them?

The books are around the house, the mugs I don't display because they're hard to and look a bit cluttered, and the pennies are just in my purse. Although it'd be quite amusing to display them in my house somewhere, don't you think!?

Will you ever stop collecting these items?
The pennies, no. I will never stop collecting those. Mostly because they don't take up any space.
So happy Heather stopped by to share her collections. I completely forgot about those pennies! I loved them all growing up. And is it just me, or are you also obsessed with her books? I'm off to see where I can find some of those Reader's Digest books now. Thanks Heather!


For Japan With Love

Tomorrow I'll be participating in the blogger's day of silence, with Utterly Engaged, Ever Ours and tons of other bloggers out there.  Instead of blogging, I will be donating to Shelter Box, who provides kits for families after a disaster.  Included in the kit are items like blankets, water purification systems, cooking utensils and kids activities.  I will also be donating to a few other organizations that I know will provide help where needed.  And I hope you might decide to join in too!
We have been getting email updates from Adam's cousin, who lives in Tokyo with his family.  Hearing the effects of the disaster from his point of view makes it all the more real.  They are safe, luckily, but are still feeling the effects of the event.  They have now gone to stay with a friend because he said they feel seasick.  The aftershocks and tremors (that are still happening) are causing their apartment on the 19th floor to sway constantly.  They are also worried about the radiation levels in Tokyo.  It will be a long road to recovery for Japan and I hope this little bit helps.



Visit For Japan with Love here or click to donate here. Have a good weekend! And keeping sending those good thoughts and prayers to Japan!



Happy St. Patrick's Day! Green was always my favorite color, since I was very little. Somehow, when the bridesmaids dresses I wanted (in green of course) didn't fit my sisters, I switched our colors to yellow and brown. Since then, yellow has slowly crept up and stole the show from green. Green is still my #2 though. Especially a bold kelly green, like below.

{Elle Decor}


I'll be back a bit later with a little something I'm going to participate in for Japan.  Don't get pinched today!


Hip Hip Hooray


Thanks to Hip Hip Hooray for featuring Rilo's Library party today! I can tell you I spent lots of time browsing their site for ideas and inspiration while planning her party. It's a must read for any sort of party planning you are doing!

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iPhone Covers

I think I might finally upgrade my iPhone. I still have the very 1st version of the iPhone, if you can believe it. In the last week, I've dropped it twice and cracked the screen (after having it for 2 years)! I'll be honest, I love my iPhone but I don't really utilize it the way I should. I took it in to be fixed a few months ago and still need to put all my apps. back on. Which shows you have often I use my apps...
But if I do upgrade, I definitely need a new cover. In case I happen to drop it and also for the greasy, little chubby hands (and mouth) that also seem to love my phone too. Here are some I found:

{#1 Jonathan Adler}


{#2-4 Rouge and Co.}



{#5-6 Dani Notes}

{#8 Buy}

I'm not a big monogram fan, but I'd be ok with them if I just had one initial on it like a few of them show.


Good Cause + A Giveaway

Did you know today is International Women's Day? And the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, nonetheless! To help celebrate, this Saturday Reach and Unite is hosting a great humanitarian event at UVU. Reach and Unite will be assembling hygiene kits for girls in Kenya. Sadly, many girls in Africa drop out of school once they get their period due to a lack of supplies and knowledge. Shame, guilt, infection, disease and many other tragic consequences are just some of the things these young girls deal with as they mature. But we can help! This Saturday the kits will be assembled and then in July a group will travel to Kenya to distribute the kits, as well as the much needed information! As well as assembling the kits, you can enjoy a free lunch, a guest speaker, African dancers and African art! For more information and details, see here.
[callout]Shame, guilt, infection, disease and many other tragic consequences are just some of the things these young girls deal with as they mature. But we can help![/callout]
Okay, now here's where the giveaway comes in. Melanie, from Fifth and Hazel, is offering 3 (THREE!) sets of her cards to the winner. All you need to do is share about the event! Facebook, blog, Tweet, whatever! Even if you don't live here in Utah, you can still raise awareness for the cause. It will take you one second to compose a sentence on Facebook or anywhere else, I promise! And then you'll have a chance at winning some of these gorgeous cards. And they are a hot commodity...I watched them fly off the shelves like hotcakes at the last Bijou Market! Here are a few of my favorites...most of which I own myself!




To enter, leave a comment letting me know how you shared the event or that you registered to attend. You can have up to 4 entries (Facebook, blog, Tweet and/or register). Please be sure to leave your email! Giveaway closes Friday, March 11th at 11:59 MST. Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Monday, March 14th. Thanks for participating and spreading awareness! And if you're in the area, please stop by the event!



You know that phrase, "there's no such thing as a new idea"? Sometimes I scoff at the very thought of that and other times I nod my head in agreement. And this last month I feel like I've been doing a lot more nodding. Last month, I sat down and brainstormed an idea for a baby shower. I came up with this great and unique (or so I thought) theme and even sketched out an idea for an invitation design. A day later, I went on a party blog (that I rarely ever read), and what is there staring at me from the front page? A beautiful baby shower, with the very theme I had come up with a day before, with an almost identical invitation to the one I had just sketched. What are the chances of that?!

{Stacy's doily clouds via Hart & Sew}

Then just a few days ago I followed a link to an article in Family Fun's March issue. It was an idea for a Library themed party, with several similar ideas to ones I used for Rilo's party. I'm sure that article was actually written a few months ago and just recently published. So that means there were at least 2 people dreaming up a library party at the same time.

{Frame wallpaper with pictures via Wyldelife}

I am still working on a little header for the Collections series. I have literally started 3 different ideas but haven't felt they fit just yet (see this is why I despise designing my own stuff...so indecisive). The last one I drafted I actually really liked but just didn't feel like it fit with the series. The more I looked at it though, the more I felt like I'd seen it before. It wasn't as though I'd pulled up an image and copied it, but I still can't shake the feeling that it may have come from somewhere tucked in the back of my mind.

{So true for me, minus the napping...just can't nap. via Murray the Nut}

At first, I always feel a twinge of disappointment when I notice my duplicate ideas. I think it's human to want to feel unique and imaginative. But I love that follow up feeling...the one that pushes me to keep thinking, keep creating. And then it ultimately drives me to stop caring about whether it's been thought of before and caring more about the process I went through to arrive at that very idea and the happiness the outcome brings me.

What about you? Have you ever come up with an idea, only to find it wasn't quite as original as you thought? How do you combat those feelings of disappointment? What motivates you to keep creating?