Bold Bathrooms

Would you dare to be this bold in a bathroom?  I actually think small guest bathrooms are the very perfect place to be bold.  They aren't used very often and have a closed door.  Maybe in our next house I'll give bold a try!


{Design Stiles}


{House Beautiful}


{Elle Decor}

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Painted Wallpaper

Loving these two projects!  The amount of time and effort put into these rooms definitely pays off!  I think when we get back one wall in Collier's room (which we were SO close to finishing) is going to need a little something.  I like the idea of painting or stenciling a pattern!


{Katie's Pencil Box}


{Ava Roth via Design Sponge}

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Bedroom Before/After

Before we left, we finished up about 90% of our bedroom! We are still waiting on our rug and I need to restyle the dressers a bit, but I couldn't leave for the summer without sharing it.
Here is the before (you can see more before pictures here):



Here's the scoop on what we did.  We sold our big ol' sleigh bed and opted to make an upholstered headboard.  We already had the wood from a previous project and I found the fabric for about $5 a yard at Home Fabrics.  I bought the foam/batting and the nailhead trim at Joanns.  I think the whole project cost about $60 and was super easy!



We changed the layout of the room so that the bed is centered in the room.  We added legs to the nightstand so that it's the same height as the dresser.  The legs were purchased from Lowe's and then stained to match. I debated for awhile on whether to add them or not, but I felt like it balanced out the room. We really only have the one wall, so our dresser had to double as a nightstand and a dresser.  I posted inspiration pictures here for using a dresser as a nightstand. To create even more balance, we purchased two matching lamps from Home Goods for $30 each.



We bought floor length curtains at Ikea.  Our previous curtains were too short but were hidden by the bed so it didn't matter.  When we pulled the bed away from the wall, the curtains looked so silly sitting a foot away from the floor.  We also added artwork.  We purchased two prints from Nancy Ramirez.  I used frames I bought last summer and then ordered custom mats and glass from Michaels.  I absolutely love them!  We also hung the A + B from our Summer Rental Redesign project in Chicago two summers ago.  I also hung two small needlepoints I found at the thrift store.




We painted the bench that was once in the living room and added it to the foot of the bed.  No one loves it more than Rilo...she likes to stand on it and look at herself in the full length mirror several times a day.



We kept the same paint color and main pieces like the dressers and bedding. Even though there weren't too many big changes, I think that the new layout and headboard plus the other smaller changes make a big impact. I can't wait to see it with an appropriate sized rug...I think it will totally complete the space!



Cost Breakdown:
Headboard $60
Lamps $60
Artwork (with framing/mats) $120
Needlepoint Art $2
Curtains $40
Nightstand Legs $20
8x10 Rug (not pictured...yet) $300
Total Cost: $602
We also sold our bed for $250, so we really only spent $352. Not too shabby I think!


Black Floors

Adam painted Collier's room over the weekend (a shade of white) and hung the shelves in the closet.  Besides some trim work, the only other major project left is the wood floors.  They are pretty beat up and were previously painted red.  We've decided to do something fun in there and paint the floors a glossy black.  Here are some great inspiration photos.


{Plumetis Magazine}




{Country Living}


{Elle Interior}


{Hus and Hem}

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Dining Room Sideboard

I mentioned a little while ago that we had finally found a sideboard for our dining room. Our dining room table is really narrow so having extra space to put dishes and food is a huge plus. Not to mention the extra storage we have in the dining room, since Collier's room used to be mostly kitchen/dining room storage. We purchased this off of Craigslist and the previous owner had already painted it white. The white is perfect...it feels fresh and modern and doesn't compete with our gorgeous farmhouse table. I still want to play around with the styling of the table...these were all random items around our house.



Nancy Ramirez {COZAMIA}

I may have gasped when I first saw these gorgeous prints from Nancy Ramirez.  I then spent the next hour scrolling back through her equally as inspiring blog, {COZAMIA}.  And then after that, I decided I needed her prints in my bedroom.





We have 2 large gold frames that have been sitting gathering dust so I think we might end up with two!  Either as a set above the bed, flanking either side of the bed or on two different walls.  I'll have to wait and see them in person, but I know that I'll love them no matter where they live.  And here's what we have narrowed it down to thus far:



Any votes for which pairing you like best?


Dining Rooms

*Thanks to everyone who has completed my survey!  If you haven't yet, will you take a moment to do so?!*


I recently snagged a great curio/sideboard for the dining room.  I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you I've been trying to find one for 2 years.  I found it at the perfect time, as we were just moving everything out of the future nursery.  That "mud room/junk room" housed a lot of my serving dishes and other dining related objects that aren't used as often.  I've been able to rehome them into this nice little sideboard.


Then I realized I have no idea what you put on top of a sideboard so that it doesn't look so plain and lonely against the wall!?  I found some inspiration photos of dining rooms I like, that also happen to have some sort of sideboard.



{Style at Home}



{Skona Hem}


{The Selby}


{Wise Craft}


It looks like lamps, candles vases, framed art and plants are the common themes through these images and others that I've looked through.  I've started arranging my own sideboard and will share when it's finished!


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