FREE Christmas iPhone Wallpaper 2015

Pretty soon there will be a shiny new site, but for now we'll have to manage on here. I've been doing a phone wallpaper for the last 3 years so it seemed a shame to miss it this year just because this site is so old and sad. ūüôā

Download and save to your camera roll and then set as your phone wallpaper. You can see the previous ones here, here and here.

Collected iPhone Wallpaper 2015


Free Christmas Card

Here's a custom Christmas card I did for our friends two years ago. If you haven't decided on cards yet, here's your chance to snag a free one! If you have Photoshop, this should be a snap. If you don't, download the .jpg file and you can insert your photo using Word or a free photo editing program. After you've inserted your photo, you'll need to include your name. I used the typeface "Oil Can" from Lost Type, which is a pay-what-you-want website.

collected Warmest Wishes Card Final


Holiday iPhone Wallpaper

I hope you're able to make good use of this free download!  The first one is a phone wallpaper.  I designed a very similar one 2 years ago (you can find it here) and so I made a sister design to go with it.

Collected Holiday Wallpaper_Blog-01

Simply click the download link, save the image to your phone and go to Settings>Wallpaper.

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Music Wedding Invitations

When I was in high school, Stef and I used to harmonize to the song "Goin' to the Chapel". And now she really is going the chapel! I loved working with Stef and Alex on their wedding invites. I only wish I could be there because they are going to have an evening full of great music.


Stef Wedding Invitations-1Blog


Stef Wedding Invitations-2Blog


Stef Wedding Invitations-3Blog


Stef Wedding Invitations-4Blog


Stef Wedding Invitations-5Blog


Stef Wedding Invitations-6Blog


Stef Wedding Invitations-7Blog


Webb New Year’s Card

For months I had an idea brewing for our holiday card. We moved and had a baby in the same year so I thought it might be a great idea to combine everything into one. I decided to hand letter most of the card and then chose images from my Instagram account. And of course with the craziness of the holidays, I took forever to decide on where to print them. I really thought they needed to be letterpressed so I worked with Rowley Press again. I can never say enough good things about working with Leland! I'm really happy with these and was so happy that they (finally) made it to our friends' and families' homes!


Webb New Year's Card 2013-11Blog

Webb New Year's Card 2013-12Blog

Webb New Year's Card 2013-13Blog

Webb New Year's Card 2013-14Blog

Webb New Year's Card 2013-17Blog


Rilo’s Gumball Party

One of my main goals when I plan parties for my kids is to make sure the party really fits their little personalities.  Rilo has recently become "obsessed with gum"...her words, not mine!  Sometimes I'm mortified because it's often the first thing she asks for upon seeing someone.  So the gumball idea worked!  I used the tubes of gum balls from Kara's Party Ideas as the color inspiration.  I liked the rainbow color theme because Rilo says that every color is her absolute favorite.  She can't pick just one to save her life!
I also used the gumball tubes as inspiration for the invitations.  I used the colorful dots all throughout the invites and party.  I cut out a little bit of honeycomb paper to make a popup "gumball" when you opened up the invite.  Then I put them in a bright pink envelope, sealed it with rainbow washi tape and then placed it in a small red box.  And just for added flair, I threw in a few gum balls in the box.  More tape, a tag and some string and they were finished!

Rilo's Gumball Party-19Blog


Rilo's Gumball Party-20Blog


Rilo's Gumball Party-21Blog


Rilo's Gumball Party-22Blog


Rilo's Gumball Party-23Blog

I'm not much of cake maker or decorator so I asked The Mighty Baker to make the cake and macarons for me.  The salted caramel buttercream filling was SO good.  I'm still eating that delicious cake...it's worth not losing that baby weight.  I wanted to keep this party pretty simple, so I ordered some 5" honeycombs, and filled a few glass jars with gum balls and called it good!

Rilo's Gumball Party-2blogb

Rilo's Gumball Party-6Blog


Rilo's Gumball Party-4blogb


Rilo's Gumball Party-3Blog


photo 4


Rilo's Gumball Party-9Blog


I created a gum ball craft with dot paints and pom pom balls and a few of the kids played Pin the Gum on the Gumball Machine.


Rilo's Gumball Party-10Blog

Rilo's Gumball Party-15Blog

Rilo's Gumball Party-18Blog

Rilo's Gumball Party-17Blog


For the food, I had circle shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, and a build your own sandwich bar for the adults.  Rainbow goldfish, veggie chips and a rainbow fruit and veggie platter rounded out the food.  We sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream!

Rilo's Gumball Party-7

Rilo's Gumball Party-8Blog
Thanks to Kayti from @thebeyoutybureau for this cute photo of Rilo blowing our her candles!

photo 2


I sent the guests home with a gumball tube and a goodie bag with a mini colored pencil set, Hi chews and little smiley face stickers!


Rilo's Gumball Party-14Blog


I loved this little party and most importantly my Rilo Jane loved it too!  Here is my big 4 year old, in all her cheesy smile glory!


Rilo's Gumball Party-12Blog


Cake and macarons- The Mighty Baker

Plates, cups, straws, favor bags, confetti balloon- Shop Sweet Lulu

Gumball tubes, party hats and other party favors-Kara's Party Ideas

Honeycomb paper- Devra Party Corp

5" Honeycomb Tissue Circles- Factory Direct Party


Pirate Valentine’s Download

I found these great pirate patches in packs of 4 in the party section of Target. Rilo loves to dress up lately and has loved Jake and the Neverland Pirates so I felt like this worked!


{collected} Pirate Valentine

You can download this file below!  You can cut out little notches so you can wrap the elastic around twice, or just use wash tape on the backside!

Valentine's 2014

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Collier’s 2nd Birthday Invites

My little boy Collier is turning 2 next week!  Since he was 4 months old, he has loved to jump.  He'd jump on your lap, on the floor and in his jumper toy.  When he's upset, we tell him to jump it out.  And when he's excited, well he jumps then too!  So it only felt fitting that we have a jump party for his second birthday!  I wanted to do an interactive invitation, with an image of Collier jumping around.  It took 2 prototypes until I was able  to get something to work, but here's what I came up with!


Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-13

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-14

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-15

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-16

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-17

If you want to see a video of it in action, you can find me on Instagram (@collectedblog). And contact me if you'd like to work together on a project: bri@collectedblog.com!


Woodland Themed Wedding Invitations

When my dear friend Margo asked me about designing woodland themed wedding invitations, I immediately got excited.  What better way to say "we're getting married in a forest" than by printing the actual invite on wood!?  We also created a map and a special details insert.  Since they were having a very intimate wedding, they asked that the guests dress in their colors, as they were all honorary wedding party members.  We added a fun little color wheel to guide the guests in the right direction.  My favorite addition was not my idea (it was actually the groom's!).  Margo and Brock included a different polaroid for each guest!  Congrats Margo and Brock!


Margo Invite Photos9Blog

Margo Invite Photos11Blog

Margo Invite Photos13Blog

Margo Invite Photos14Blog

Margo Invite Photos16Blog