Fleur + Dot

In my wildest dreams, Rilo would own every single thing in this Fleur + Dot autumn collection. The colors, the patterns and the styles are all perfection. Even if I don't decide to splurge on a piece, they have definitely inspired me to sew again when we get home. See the whole collection here.




eBay Shoes

I posted about some of my favorite eBay knockoffs a few weeks ago.  Right after I posted them I found these awesome shoes through a post on Oh Happy Day.  I assumed they would be wildly expensive but I was surprised to find they were under $25 on eBay.  This same seller has lots of great shoes for really great prices!  See all these shoes here.




DC Thrift Pt.1

I've mentioned before I love traveling during the summer because I love the chance to check out the local thrift stores.  They are generally not quite as picked over as they are back home.  I just stopped by a different thrift store and made out like a bandit.  I wanted to share the clothing, sheets and blankets today and tomorrow I'll share the home decor items I found.


I found a great kelly green pencil skirt which I feel like I've been looking for forever.  I also snagged a bright pink skirt and black striped silk skirt.  Plus a Gap button up and an Ann Taylor Buffalo check shirt.



Loved these two crocheted blankets!  I almost grabbed a third, which I posted about on Instagram (@collectedblog).  I'm going to stop in on Monday when it's 50% off at the store to see if it's still there.


And Thursday I have to inspiration boards where I'll show you what I'm thinking about using these sheets for!  I love them both.


Please excuse the poor photos...it's dark and dreary and I'm lacking in places besides my bed or the floor to photograph them.  Part 2 tomorrow and inspiration boards on Thursday!


Favorite eBay Knockoffs

Today I'm sharing 3 of my fave eBay knockoffs! The JCrew Bubble Necklace, the Zara Plaited Bag (that Olivia Palermo has been spotted with) and colorful iPhone chargers. Just be sure to check the sellers ratings before you buy and remember that since they are likely coming from China, shipping will take around 2 weeks! {Click on the images to take you to the links}

J Crew Necklace Zara Bag iPhone Charger

Do you have any favorite eBay knockoffs? I'd love to hear about them!


Diaper Bags

When I had Rilo, I bought a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack as my diaper bag. I really liked it...it had a lot of space, a fold out changing pad and backpack straps, which I found super convenient when I was carrying Rilo + a million other things. After carrying that around for a year and a half, I went back to a regular purse.
Now with Collier I'm in need of a new diaper bag again. Really, any large purse will do, but I hunted down some of my favorite actual diaper bags. I've fallen in love with the line by Timi and Leslie (no.2 and 3). I love the accessories and designs of all their bags.


Here's what I look for in a bag.  1. Lots of room...snacks, books, blankets, bottles, etc. plus all your normal purse items are all going in this bag. 2. Pockets, and preferably some zippered pockets to store things I don't want to dig around for.  3. Diaper changing pad (you can purchase these separately but I find it convenient to have one with the bag).  4. Stroller straps (or some way to hang the bag on my stroller)


{Click on each image to visit the source}


Petunia Pickle Bottom Timi and Leslie Timi and Leslie Kate Spade JJ Cole Perry Mackin
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