12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Gift Tag Sets

Well hi again! I dropped off the face of the world wide web because we FINALLY moved into our new house. We have been up until 3am each night since Thursday packing, moving and unpacking. We are so happy to be in our house though. It is actually coming together pretty quickly and I can't wait to show this gorgeous place!
To make up for the few days I missed, I have 3 sets of Christmas gift tags for you to download!




12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Christmas Card Template

Two Christmases ago I sent out these Christmas cards out (look how little Rilo is). I still love them to this day. And now you can make them yours!

Download the Photoshop file, insert your photo instead of mine and change the names to yours. You'll need to download Bebas and Quicksand to match the fonts used on the card. Email bri@collectedblog.com if you have any questions or if you'd like to work on a custom card!


12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Cookie Exchange Party Kit

Whoops! Apparently this post didn't go up earlier. Here is the kit of all your cookie exchange party essentials: recipe cards, voting ballots, cookie labels and awards! See pictures and details from last year's party here.

And for your convenience, here is the entire kit, including the invitations!

I'm already excited for this party and it's still a few weeks away. I've been trying to decide which cookie to make and have narrowed it down to 3! If you throw a cookie exchange party I would love to see pictures. You can email them to bri@collectedblog.com!

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12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Cookie Exchange Party Invitations

Last year I threw a Cookie Exchange Party with some of my friends. It was really fun (and delicious)! Here were last year's invitations and last years free invitation download.
This year's invitations are also up for grabs. I went with a little more non-traditional colors this year and I love it. You could host this type of party anytime. After Christmas, Valentine's Day or anytime you need an excuse to eat lots of yummy treats. Fill yours out by hand or on the computer, mail (or email) and then host your own cookie party! Tomorrow I'll have all the other party downloads available for you too (recipe cards, awards, etc.).

Here are the invites available for download:


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12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Want Need Wear Read Tags

For the last few years we've used "Want, Need, Wear, Read" as our family's Christmas gift giving mantra. You might be familiar with it already, but you find presents in each category to make Christmas a little more simple. Adam and I tend to get out of hand (we love giving gifts) so this helps us remember what Christmas is all about and cut out all the excess "stuff".
So for day 4, I have Want, Need, Wear, Read tags for you! And in 3 different colors, so hopefully one will fit in with your wrapping scheme! You can write the recipients name on the back of the tag!





12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Address Labels

I'm a huge fan of address labels. You may have noticed from past Christmas cards and party invitations that I almost always use them! I have all my addresses saved so all I need to do is change the design. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if Christmas cards would make it out without them!
I designed 2 different labels, one for cards and one for packages. You can even use a program like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or GIMP to add in your addresses before printing or just write them in. I find it easiest to purchase full sheet sticker paper and then simply cut, peel and attach!





12 Days of Christmas Downloads: Facebook Timeline Covers

And on the second day of Christmas, it's TWO Facebook Timeline Covers! You'll need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to insert your photos, but it's simple to do!



1. Download your chosen Facebook Timeline Cover to your computer.
2. Open the Facebook Timeline Template and your selected photo(s) in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
3. Drag the photo to the Facebook Timeline template file.
4. In your layers palette, make sure the photo is the layer ABOVE the photo mask you are using.

5. Right click the photo layer and select "Create Clipping Mask".

6. You will now be able to resize and move your image within the photo mask shape, until it is just how you want it!
7. Insert more photos, using steps 2-6.
8. Save the file as a .jpg.
9. Upload to Facebook!
Please email me if you have any questions or you don't have access to Photoshop! bri@collectedblog.com


A Few Things

A few quick things before this holiday weekend!


  • Now that Android has iPhone I bet there are some new Instagram users out there.  Let's be friends! @collectedblog  Or else you'll be missing pictures of these two cuties!



Look, he smiles!  Also, I can't believe I haven't posted his newborn photos I took.  Oops!


  • I'm going to be updating my poor neglected Facebook page more regularly and posting sneak peeks and some behind the scenes stuff.  I would love it if you would take a minute to "Like" my page.  You can do that here!


  • If you're in need of some Easter gift tags, I created a free download last year.  Head here to print them!

  • Speaking of free downloads, I've been slacking on my monthly free download.  I've resolved to finish out the year with at least one a month.  Any new requests?!


Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend!!