Live Edge Table

How was your weekend?  We met up with my fay mily for lunch and a trip to the mall.  Then we spent most of our evenings watching The Killing.  Is anyone else watching it?  We are 3 episodes away from finding out who killed Rosie Larsen...It may be one of my favorite shows to date!

Kirsten from 6th Street Design School posted a house tour on Friday from Kristen at The Hunted Interior.  I'm completely in love with this DIY Live Edge Table.  We may possibly need a new dining room table in the next few months or an outdoor table and I am definitely keeping this project in mind.


{images via The Hunted Interior}


How cool is the ice bucket in the middle of the table?  Such a gorgeous project!  See the tutorial here!


DIY Circle Art

I finished my first Summer Rental Redesign project of this summer.  I wanted a little something to go over Rilo's crib and to add some color to the room.  I like to make sure that whatever is over the crib is really light, just in case it were to fall (see the toilet paper art over Rilo's crib at home here) and this project definitely fits the bill.  I feel like this project can be arranged and rearranged in so many ways, so I'm excited to see how it changes and gets added to, throughout the summer.



I picked up these little wooden circles at Michael's.  They came 6 to a pack for about $2.  I think I want to buy some more to fill up more space and play with the arrangements.



Image Map Tutorial


I've had some questions about how I've been creating my posts where the images or text is clickable and takes you to the original sources (like the post from yesterday). All you need to do is create an image map, using a free website called Image-Maps. It's pretty easy once you've done it and really only takes me an extra 5-10 minutes now! I don't know about you, but I find it much easier to click on the image as opposed to searching for the link below the whole post.

This step-by-step tutorial holds your hand the whole way through, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at bri@collectedblog.com. I hope you take this and use it! Pin, tweet and FB away because in my opinion, this is pretty awesome!!



DIY Polka Dot Pants

So you may have seen these fantastic polka dot pants swirling around the internet!?  I loooove them but don't love their price tag.  At all.




My friends Emily and Rashelle just came up with the best DIY for these pants.  They each have a tutorial (and it could not be easier) for you to check out: Emily and Rashelle.




They have totally inspired me for a different project.  I'm headed out this morning to pick up my supplies!


Triangles + Paint Chips

I've posted about both these trends before, so how about combining the two?! How About Orange has a simple little tutorial on how to make this art. I love it!




And sorry for falling off the face of the earth, or blog, I guess. I *think* I'm back in action. I want to share some things I've been working on as soon as I can. Hope you'll stick around!!