Rilo’s Big Girl Room Board #2

Here is inspiration board #2, again using thrift store sheets as my starting point. I really like both boards for very different reasons. Luckily I have a few months to pull things together and make my decision!

{Click on the images to find their sources}

West Elm Rug Urban Outfitters Pillow PB Teen Duvet Minted Art Print Robert Abbey Lamp Minted Art Print Bird Print Urban Outfitters Heart Shelf Mokkasin Poster Urban Outfitters Panda Bank

To see board #1, go here. Do you have a favorite out of the two? I'd love your opinion!


Rilo’s Big Girl Room Board #1

We will be moving around a lot in the next few months.  I'm sure I'll share more as soon as everything is solidified, but for now, I'll just share that we are likely moving a very short distance this fall.  As we move, I would love to transition Rilo to her big girl room!


I shared two sets of sheets I recently fell in love with from the thrift store.  I've put together a board using each set to decide which I like better.  Both would be really cute I'm sure!

{Click on the images to see their sources}

Wooden Shelf DIY Mokkasin Print Target Lamo PB Teen Duvet West Elm Rug Fox Print Around the World Print

Father’s Day Roundup

I put together some of my favorite go-to gifts for Adam. My favorite is the last one...a root beer of the month club! We did this a few years ago and it was really fun. If root beer isn't your man's thing, then try a beer, cheese, or meat club!


Chambray Button Up iPad Keyboard Case Nixon Watch Urban Outfitters Tie Portable Grill Root Beer of the Month Club

You can also check out a gift guide on Mom's Best here!


Graduate Gifts

On Monday night my sister Tali graduated from high school. Such an exciting time in her life! (On a side note, I got kicked out of the graduation for basically having kids. One teacher was so paranoid about kids making noise, she kicked out all of the mothers standing in the back of the HUGE auditorium, whether their kids were making any noise or not. Don't worry, I'm writing a letter). Anyway, I put together a little roundup of gift ideas for the graduates in your life. Of course, nothing is wrong with gifting some $$ or a gift card for something like this, but here are some alternatives! Click on each image to find the source!

Print Planner School Bag Pillow Organizer Laptop Case

These specific links are geared towards a girl, but you can find masculine versions of all these ideas! If you are wondering how to create images with clickable links, you can find the tutorial here.

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Old Navy Baby Sale

Why is it that I have the hardest time buying things for myself but have NO problem buying things for my kids?!  Is it because the clothes are miniature, therefore cuter?   I don't know the reason, but I really have to hold myself back sometimes.  This week is the Old Navy Baby Sale and I'm not sure I can resist much longer.


{Yellow Dress, Blue Tunic, Striped Hoodie, Yellow Skinnies, Striped Flats}



{Grey Tee, Purple Striped Button Down, Green Windbreaker, Canvas Shoes, Green Jeans }


I'm just finishing up the photos from Rilo's 2nd birthday party.  Can't wait to share!


Spring Brights

I recently read an article about a new executive over at JC Penney trying to revamp the brand.  Since then, I've seen better commercials and fresher mailing ads from them.  I don't usually stop by JC Penney but Adam and I passed through there the other day, and I actually found myself liking a lot of items as I walked through.  I was even more impressed with the price tags.  Everything below is under $30 and most of the items are actually under $20.  One thing I think they need to work on is their styling and photos on their website.  I saw these items in the store and most of them look much cuter in the store than online.  Especially the yellow shirt below.  It's actually a really bright yellow with great yellow piping detail...I was really tempted to grab it on my way out.



{Purple SkirtYellow Pocket BlouseBlack & White Striped SweaterPink Striped SweaterPink PantsRed Rain BootsWedge Sandals}


Baby Boy Nursery Art

This weekend was pretty exciting!  My Dad came into town for a quick 24 hours and started the renovation for the baby room.  We are turning a small mud room off of our kitchen into a quaint little nursery.  As of a few days ago, it had a half wall on one side of the room with stairs leading down to the basement.  Now there is a full wall and a door leading to the basement and the beginnings of a closet.  It will still be a little while until it's all drywalled, mudded and painted but I hope we can wrap that all up this week.

Of course, now I'm in scramble mode to order the rest of the furniture and decor for the room.  Here are some art prints that I either have ordered or ones that I'm considering!  A few of these were included on my inspiration board but I've found some new ones that I love as well!



{Man in the Moon, Fox Print, Sasquatch, Daring Adventure, Abstract, Herringbone, Rectillinear, Owl Heart, Numbers}


Christmas Wishlist

I've said this before but I am really lucky that I have a husband who is the world's best gift giver.  I have no idea what I'm getting this year, but I'm excited to see what thoughtful things he has come up with.  These are a few things that I want/need that I would love to receive...and I may or may not have already purchased 2 of the 5 due to some tempting discounts I found.  We've had our rug and sheets for almost 4 years and it's about time.  And our knife set is slowly falling apart (literally, some of the knives have just broken to pieces).  The painting and computer case are just nice little extras.  We'll be getting new sheets in the next couple of days and our new living room rug arrived yesterday.  I'll update on the rug situation soon!


Of course, I would really be happy just to sit and watch Adam and Rilo enjoy Christmas Day, with or without any gifts.


{Sheets, Painting, Knife Set, Rug, Computer Case}

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Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration Board No.3

Today I'm sharing Board No. 3.  And really, all along I've known this was the one!  Black, white and a mix of woods and metallics for the win.  Add in just a little pop of chartreuse for some color and I was sold.  We've already picked up the dresser shown on the board off of Craigslist and I just received the triangle fabric (along with a black and white stripe fabric) in the mail yesterday.  I couldn't pass up the sale Fabricworm had the other day.  Now it's just a matter of finding, making and/or purchasing more of these pieces and starting construction on the room.  The construction process likely won't happen until January, but that isn't going to stop me from getting everything else ready to go.



{A. Smile Print B. Metal Letter C. Metal Mobile D. Wooden Frames E. Bucket (thrifted)  F. Rilo's Crib  G. Rug H. Pendant I. Dresser (thrifted)  J. Fabric K. Monster Print L. Throw M. Home Print}


See Board No. 1 here and Board No. 2 here.