Mini House Tour

As my saga always goes, I really wanted to get a house tour done before we left for the summer. But that never usually happens because things tend to get crazy the month before we leave. I did manage to sneak in a few photos the day before we left. I didn't get to Collier's room because he happened to be napping during the few minutes I had to run around and grab these. I plan on doing a full tour next fall, when I'm not quite as rushed and can really work on styling and taking nicer photos. But I thought I'd at least put a little sneak peek of the house as it is now!   Living Room-3 Blog

Living Room-4 Blog

Living Room-7 Blog Dining Room-2 Blog

Dining Room-3 Blog

Kitchen-1 Blog

Kitchen-5 Blog

Master Bedroom-3 Blog

Master Bedroom-10 Blog

Master Bedroom-11 Blog

Office-9 Blog

Playroom-1 Blog

Playroom-2 Blog

Rilos Room-2 Blog

Rilos Room-12 Blog


Collier 11 Months

This was a big month for Collier (or maybe more for us)! Adam and I went on a vacation for a full 7 days sans kids. After much internal debate, I finally decided to wean Collier. Now remember, this is the baby who hadn't taken a bottle his whole life. Once we found the right bottles (Tommee Tippees), it was smooth sailing. I'll admit, I was pretty sad and seriously considered not going (am I crazy?) because giving up nursing earlier than I was planning was hard. But we have both adjusted and all is well!

This month Collier has started really figuring the world out. He figured out that fake cries get him attention. He figured out how to bully his sister back. He figured out how to sign for "more" and "all done", even though he still just likes to scream at me. 🙂 He is still taking to solid naps during the day and sleeping through the night! This makes for a happy mama. We're so happy we have this cutie around!

Collier 11 Months2blog

Collier 11 Months1

Collier 11 Months5bw

Collier 11 Months7

Collier 11 Months8

Collier 11 Months14bw

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Rilo’s Valentines

I've had these Valentine's in mind for awhile now. Adam brought home a pair of these disguise glasses a few months ago and I thought they were so cute on Rilo. Plus she thought she was hilarious in them. I found these miniature ones in a party pack at Walmart.



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Figuring It All Out + A Valentine’s Video

Well, I'm sure you noticed I haven't been around here as much in the last 6 months. I've been trying to figure out balance in my life. It's so hard, isn't it? Trying to make sure I'm spending time with my kids, with Adam, photography clients, design clients, moving, maintaining my home, helping with The Crepe Co. and everything else going on, has been tough. And blogging is like going to the gym. When you're going, you're in a good rhythm and it's easy to get up and go. And then you miss a few days and then a few weeks, and pretty soon you haven't seen the gym all year (seriously, I went to the gym ONE day in January...oops!).
I really do love blogging...I love the community and I love how it allows me to share the things I love. So I'm pushing myself to make some time again. For the first time, I'm going to try and plan and schedule posts. I want to focus on really good original content. Design projects, DIY, updates on our new house and new restaurant and hopefully some collaborations with other artists and bloggers. I hope you stick around as I try and find my groove again!
And to make this semi-boring post full of cuteness, please go check out Small Fry's Valentine's Day video, filmed by Lumineux Films. Rilo makes her big screen debut plus it was filmed at The Crepe Co.!


Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 3.02.55 PM


Collier 10 Months

I just looked back and apparently I missed months 8 & 9 and I'm feeling a little sad about it. Looking at Collier's 7 month pictures compared to these 10 months has shown me how much he has grown since then!

So much has happened with Collier in the last few months. He has 4 teeth! Which is a miracle because Rilo didn't even get her first tooth until she was 14 months! He also started walking at 9.5 months. He is SO fast now! He claps, says "mama" and "dada" and tries hard to say "Rilo", signs for more, does "so big", gives kisses and plays peek a boo.

My favorite thing to watch has been the developing relationship between Rilo and Collier. As he gets older, they have been playing more and more. Rilo hides and Collier finds her and attacks her. A recent favorite has been a game of tag. Rilo runs all around the house and Collier chases after her. Of course, it's not always smooth sailing...Rilo still gets mad when he "ruins her train tracks" or gets in her way. But overall they are becoming best friends and it makes my whole world.

Collier loves all food. I still haven't found a food he won't eat. And if you are eating in front of him and aren't sharing, he'll yell at the top of his lungs until you oblige him.

He is so sweet. He shares lots of loves and snuggles along with some slobbery kisses. He definitely loves his mama. And I sure love him.


The Crepe Co.

So I've been keeping this to myself for a little bit, but Adam and I (and our friend Kasey) recently purchased a local crepe shop! It's a cute little place in Provo under Alpine Village for those familiar with the area. ME Crepes has been open for a little over a year and has done great so far, with little to no marketing. We want to take it to a whole new level! We have renamed, rebranded and are currently finishing up an awesome remodel! I cannot wait to show you the before and afters!! For now I'll show you the old and new logo, with our new name, The Crepe Co.


And our new logo!

The great part is, we have a fantastic set of employees who love the place so much and have it running all by itself. So I'll get to stay on working on anything design related but I won't have to be there every day. I'll have much more to share next week!!


Christmas Mantel

You. Guys. I entered Emily Henderson's Christmas mantel styling contest on a whim last week. And guess what? She selected mine as one of the winners! I feel a little bit starstruck. She happens to be my favorite designer and the one I find my style closest to so I squealed when I saw the winners last night! You can check out the other winners here!
I didn't buy many new Christmas decorations this year just because we were in the middle of moving right before Christmas. I found a few things from Land of Nod...they had some great Christmas decor this year (all on sale now)!  I also grabbed some Dollar Store Christmas houses that I spray painted gold and white. Everything else I found from my Christmas collection from years past!



I toyed with this for a little arrangement for a little bit, but ultimately I thought it was a little too cluttered.


Here are the little houses I painted.  I tried out 2 different methods with the white houses.  One where I covered the whole thing and the other where I left some color showing through.


We installed 2 pendant lights in the living room (I actually discovered them through Emily's Pinterest board) and we love them!  You can see a sneak peek of them below.


2012: A Year in Review

For this year's review, I picked my top 12 moments or posts for the year!  

This year I got serious about my Art Series.  I enjoy finding and featuring artists and am happy to be continuing this series in the next year!




Right before I had Collier we threw Rilo's Winter Waterland Party.  I learned that all a bunch of 2-4 years olds need is a room full of balloons!


I worked on a few Custom Address Stamp's for us.  Looks like I need to make a new one now that we've moved!


Before we left for the summer we shared our Bedroom Before/After.  In our new house, our bedroom is one of the only rooms that is remaining almost the same!


I shared a super yummy Coconut Cake recipe!


I finally got around to Painting the Front Door!  Now I can look at it across the street I guess!


I think this is one of my most underutilized posts.  My Image Map Tutorial is perfect for all you bloggers doing any kind of roundups!!


I had a lot of great design clients this year.  I loved so many projects I was able to work on.  I really loved Morgan & Jared's Wedding Invites.  You can check out the rest here.


I shared my views on park play in my post, Let Your Kids Play: Park Tips.


In February, we welcomed Collier Brooks into our family.  It's hard to imagine life before our Collier Bud!  Here are Collier's Birth Announcements.


This past summer I discovered Online Grocery Shopping and it changed my world!!


This year I started the 12 Days of Christmas Downloads.  I hope you loved them as much as I loved designing everything!

I am extremely excited for what's to come this year.  A new house, a new business, new posts and much more! Cheers to a happy and healthy 2013!


Merry Christmas

Hope you have had a happy and relaxing day so far!


I'll see you at the new year!!

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