One of the things I was so excited about in our new house was the entryway. Our last house walked right into our living room so having this space feels extra exciting. I fell in love with the Blu Dot Strut Console Table in this awesome watermelon. However, the price jumped up an extra $100 right before I finally convinced myself to splurge. And well, then I really couldn't justify the splurge.

I really liked the metal legs so I searched for something similar. I found this one at JCPenney for under $100 so I snatched it up.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 2.13.52 PM
Adam and I sprayed the legs hot pink because I liked the way it tied in with my persian rug (which I bought from eSale rugs). The huge mirror was from an antique store in Arizona, the lamp was $2 from a local campus sale, red box and candle from Target, plant from Ikea and gold basket from a St. Louis thrift store.

{collected} Entryway1

{collected} Entryway2

{collected} Entryway3

{collected} Entryway4
This area is still unfinished...I want 2 chairs to on either side of the console to help balance out how large the mirror is. The Blu Dot console was probably the better size, but I still don't think it would have been worth the cost. I might also add some smaller pieces of art on the wall as well.


DIY Circle Art

I finished my first Summer Rental Redesign project of this summer.  I wanted a little something to go over Rilo's crib and to add some color to the room.  I like to make sure that whatever is over the crib is really light, just in case it were to fall (see the toilet paper art over Rilo's crib at home here) and this project definitely fits the bill.  I feel like this project can be arranged and rearranged in so many ways, so I'm excited to see how it changes and gets added to, throughout the summer.



I picked up these little wooden circles at Michael's.  They came 6 to a pack for about $2.  I think I want to buy some more to fill up more space and play with the arrangements.



Summer Rental Redesign III


Each summer we move into a rental apartment and leave our house behind. To make the apartment feel more like home, we've started a project each year called our Summer Rental Redesign. We give ourselves a very small budget and transform our apartment as best as we can. Then we try to sell what we've bought at the end of the summer to recoup our money spent. The first summer it went really well and I loved how it turned out! Last summer I was pregnant and more tired than I've ever been in my life and really didn't do much. This summer we are ready to do it again. This time we've upped the budget slightly from $200 to $250 because I'll be doing 3 rooms: living room/dining, master bedroom and Rilo's room.


We've already purchased some furniture pieces (most of our furniture is provided by Adam's company) and some accessories. I'll be sharing some before pictures and some of our projects soon!


Bedroom Before/After

Before we left, we finished up about 90% of our bedroom! We are still waiting on our rug and I need to restyle the dressers a bit, but I couldn't leave for the summer without sharing it.
Here is the before (you can see more before pictures here):



Here's the scoop on what we did.  We sold our big ol' sleigh bed and opted to make an upholstered headboard.  We already had the wood from a previous project and I found the fabric for about $5 a yard at Home Fabrics.  I bought the foam/batting and the nailhead trim at Joanns.  I think the whole project cost about $60 and was super easy!



We changed the layout of the room so that the bed is centered in the room.  We added legs to the nightstand so that it's the same height as the dresser.  The legs were purchased from Lowe's and then stained to match. I debated for awhile on whether to add them or not, but I felt like it balanced out the room. We really only have the one wall, so our dresser had to double as a nightstand and a dresser.  I posted inspiration pictures here for using a dresser as a nightstand. To create even more balance, we purchased two matching lamps from Home Goods for $30 each.



We bought floor length curtains at Ikea.  Our previous curtains were too short but were hidden by the bed so it didn't matter.  When we pulled the bed away from the wall, the curtains looked so silly sitting a foot away from the floor.  We also added artwork.  We purchased two prints from Nancy Ramirez.  I used frames I bought last summer and then ordered custom mats and glass from Michaels.  I absolutely love them!  We also hung the A + B from our Summer Rental Redesign project in Chicago two summers ago.  I also hung two small needlepoints I found at the thrift store.




We painted the bench that was once in the living room and added it to the foot of the bed.  No one loves it more than Rilo...she likes to stand on it and look at herself in the full length mirror several times a day.



We kept the same paint color and main pieces like the dressers and bedding. Even though there weren't too many big changes, I think that the new layout and headboard plus the other smaller changes make a big impact. I can't wait to see it with an appropriate sized rug...I think it will totally complete the space!



Cost Breakdown:
Headboard $60
Lamps $60
Artwork (with framing/mats) $120
Needlepoint Art $2
Curtains $40
Nightstand Legs $20
8x10 Rug (not pictured...yet) $300
Total Cost: $602
We also sold our bed for $250, so we really only spent $352. Not too shabby I think!


Painted Front Door

Well I finally did it...I painted the front door! The paint swatches are gone and in their place, is a very bright teal door. And after a few hours and 2 coats of paint...I just don't know that I love it. Boo!  I wanted it to be so much deeper and richer. The color in the paint bucket was so beautiful but on the door it just seems SO bright. But oh well...at least it's done. Maybe in the fall I'll contemplate painting it again!

Here is a before shot:



And an in between shot:



And the afters:



Collier’s Blankets

When I was working on Rilo's nursery I made a big quilt.  It took awhile to make and she never uses it.  Instead she sleeps with blankets her Great-Great Grandma made for her.  They are made of 2 pieces of flannel.  They are the perfect size, softness and warmth.  She loves them!  So I wised up this time and decided to skip on the quilt and just make a few flannel blankets.  I found this flannel in the clearance section of a local fabric store.  I think it's perfect for the room!



DIY Polka Dot Pillow

So last Thursday I mentioned that Emily and Rashelle's DIY Polka Dot pants inspired me on another project.  So last weekend I decided to try to replicate one of my favorite pillowcases.  In fact, the pillowcase was designed by Tuesday's featured artist, Rachel Castle.




First I made this white pillow with metallic dots.



But I wasn't in love with it so now I'm working on a gold on black version and a neon pink on linen version, just like Rachel Castle's pillow.  I just need to sew them up!  I used the same tutorial Emily and Rashelle shared, except I used a circle foam brush instead of an eraser.


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On the Docket

It seems like the weather all over has been gorgeous! We loved getting outside every day this weekend. I always feel so much more happy and productive with the sun shining and there is a hint of warm weather. I made a big to-do list for this week and I'm excited to get to work.

In the spirit of keeping things real, here are two "oops" projects going on around here. Back in November when it was still surprisingly nice out, I started to paint some test samples on our door. I decided against all the samples I chose, but by the time I decided on another color, it was freezing. To let the door properly dry, we need to leave it open all day and I certainly did not want to do that during the winter. So our poor door has had these terrible paint samples for the last several months. Oops!




Here's my other "oops". I purchased this shower curtain off of Amazon. On Amazon it says it's machine washable. So late one night I threw it in the washing machine because it seriously needed a good wash. Well when I pulled it out, it shrunk almost a foot on all sides. I checked the tag and turns out it's dry clean only. Oops! So now I'm on the hunt for a new shower curtain!



Gutter Bookshelf Update

Almost 2 years ago, we put in a gutter bookshelf for Rilo's room.  We've loved it thus far...especially since it was free (we had a gutter sitting in our basement)!  Lately though, Rilo's shelf has been overflowing with books.  Adam cut another piece of the gutter and we installed a second shelf.  We also grabbed the $14.99 toy box from Ikea.  It's nice to have one place to throw her toys...it makes her room feel much more organized!