Sneak Peek: Upholstered Headboard

We just arrived in D.C. for a few days, but I wanted to share a quick look at our upholstered headboard.  It still needs to be mounted but we love it so far.  We have rearranged the room and are shopping for a new rug.  We also need to hang up all our art on the walls.  I probably won't share the final makeover for another week or so but I couldn't be more excited that we FINALLY finished, after almost a year of saying I wanted to do this!



{collected} + Fifth & Hazel Present…

our holiday gift wrapping!  This has been a project looonng in the making.  Last April after Bijou Market, I decided that next market I wanted to participate.  Of course, I wanted it to be something fun and different so I brainstormed and came up with the idea of wrapping paper.  I talked with Melanie from Fifth & Hazel about the idea and luckily we decided to collaborate on it.  I've been so glad to have a partner on this as it's been a big undertaking, not to mention we are BOTH pregnant right now.  So we have been keeping each other motivated and bouncing ideas off of each other, and honestly I don't think either of us would have done this without this collaboration!  Plus it's always fun to have two minds working together...everything always turns out better!

We're so excited to show you what we came up with for this holiday season!  Our main print is the always fabulous gray and white chevron print.  Each package at Bijou Market will come with 3 large 24" x 36" sheets of the chevron as well as one 12" x 18" accent paper for your smaller gifts.  We're keeping you covered with all the latest trends...we have stripes, ombre, watercolor and triangles!  We also have a variety of gift tags that will come in packs of 10, including the "want, need, wear, read" tags!  What I love the most about the chevron and the accent prints is while they will be perfect for the holidays, they'll also be great for weddings, baby showers and really any other occasion requiring a gift!  Here is a sneak peek at what's in store for next week's Bijou Market!



And don't worry if you're not able to make it to Bijou Market...we're hoping to have some up online for sale after the market is over!  And stay tuned for some more photos of the paper...I have some prettier packaging coming up next week as well as a giveaway or two!


Summer Rental Redesign: Desk Before/After

I finally grabbed a picture of the finished desk.  Unfortunately, we happened to get the only apartment out of the group that has the worst light possible.  All of our windows are blocked by big trees.  The only time I can manage to get some good light is at 7am...after that, forget it.  Even still, the light still isn't great!

Anyway, this desk was so strange.  I think they may have painted it to look like wood?  Or did a horrible job staining it?!  And then they put this weird varnish on as well.  We sanded it the best we could and then just put a couple coats of paint on.  I spray painted the original hardware gold.  The only thing I have left to do is recover the inside of the drawers.  Isn't the paper straight out of the 80s?  Here are the semi-befores:


And the after...now I still want to accessorize the area and put something up on the wall where I can keep track of projects and inspiration, but this is it for now!  We also need a desk chair...we've just been borrowing a dining room chair for now.



Summer Rental Redesign: Frames Before/After (sort of)

I picked up these large frames from the thrift store for $1.99 a piece. I love the large size of them. I think they'll make a great statement above my couch. They were that ugly wood color that I don't like so I decided to spray paint them. (Please ignore how gross this porch is...I wish I could power wash it or something!)


I went with a metallic gold.  And I really love it.  Who knew metallic spray paint was so fun?


The next step is to figure out what to put in them.  Of course, I could always do some sort of fabric, but I'm up for thinking of something more interesting.  So far I've had a few ideas, some that might involve trying my hand at painting.  Have you seen any good ideas for large frames lately?  Please share if you have!


Onesie to Shirt

I stopped by Costco the other day and saw this cute little onesie + leggings set.  I loved the colors and the little detailing on the onesie, so for $5.49, I decided to grab one for Rilo.  The only problem was, I kind of despise onesies at this stage.  They seem so unnecessary and cumbersome.  So I decided to take it home and make it into a little shirt for her.  This took less than 10 minutes and had to be one of the easiest projects I've taken on.  Even though it was easy, I love the results!



First I just cut right above the leg holes.



Next I did a ironed and pinned my hem.  Lastly, I stitched the hem and then did a second row of stitching like you'll find on most shirts.  Seriously that simple!



Desk Help

We picked up our desk yesterday from Goodwill. It's pretty beat up and desperately needs to be revamped. I'm having an inner debate on what to do with it. I'm all for keeping things in their natural state when they are in good condition and made of good wood. However, this piece isn't really in good condition OR made of good wood, so I feel okay with doing pretty much anything to it. Part of me wants to do something a little more fun. Paint it a bold color, or do some sort of pattern/paper on the top. But I'm reminding myself that I need to be able to quickly resell this at the end of the summer. What do you think? Should I just have fun with it or should I play it safe for resale?


Here are some desks in their after state:


Green Desk


Two Tone Wood Desk


Black and Gold Desk


Dark Stained Desk


Mint Desk


I'll try to add a picture of my desk on this post as soon as we have some sun in the apartment!


Summer Rental Redesign: Fabrics

I've been slowly stopping by thrift stores and checking out Craigslist, trying to find things to make this place feel more like home.  The only "big" purchase I've made was a desk from Goodwill, which we need to go pick up this morning.  Other than that, I have just been collecting clearance fabrics.  All of the fabrics I've purchased so far have been under $3 a yard.  I love doing this project because it allows me to experiment with colors and styles that I wouldn't normally put in my house.

For the living room, I bought the green stripes for curtains ($1.50 a yard!) and the watermelon stripes for some pillows.  These are a little more traditional in color and style, but I have some plans to spice up the living room in other ways!


For Rilo's room, I found this grey and pink striped fabric for her curtain.  Then I picked up a floral print to use in the embroidery hoops I picked up for a dollar.  Again, these fabrics are totally out of my comfort zone.  I'm not a pink girl, nor am I a really floral girl, but I love the idea of trying things out.


I'm hoping to find a dresser I can paint a dove gray for her room.  I'll hang some embroidery hoops on the wall and then I would LOVE to make something like this for over her crib area. Martha strikes again.


Aren't they so pretty?!  There is a great picture tutorial on her site and they look so easy to make!  Check out the tutorial here.


Strawberry Skirt

To get me back in the habit of sewing, I wanted something simple and fast...something that I could have in my hands in no time flat. So I of course went with a little elastic band skirt for Rilo, like I made for her last year. I see many more of these in Rilo's future. I remembered I had some cute strawberry fabric from last summer's big Fabric.com sale. I decided that would probably be perfect since strawberries are Rilo's obsession right now. I just used the steps from Susan's tutorial and then added my own little strawberry pockets. I couldn't find the right color felt for the pockets, so I bought white felt and some fabric paint and brushed it on. Then I used some embroidery floss to make the seeds and some leftover green fabric for the leaves. I probably should have put a back on the leaves so they weren't so floppy, but I think they're cute anyway.
I wasn't planning on pulling the skirt up so high, but the shirt she already had on (that happened to match) was empire waisted and flowy. I pulled up the skirt to cover up that part of her top, but I actually think it's darling as a high-waisted skirt.



Now we just need some nice weather to go with her happy skirt!