Rilo’s Valentines

I've had these Valentine's in mind for awhile now. Adam brought home a pair of these disguise glasses a few months ago and I thought they were so cute on Rilo. Plus she thought she was hilarious in them. I found these miniature ones in a party pack at Walmart.



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Collier 10 Months

I just looked back and apparently I missed months 8 & 9 and I'm feeling a little sad about it. Looking at Collier's 7 month pictures compared to these 10 months has shown me how much he has grown since then!

So much has happened with Collier in the last few months. He has 4 teeth! Which is a miracle because Rilo didn't even get her first tooth until she was 14 months! He also started walking at 9.5 months. He is SO fast now! He claps, says "mama" and "dada" and tries hard to say "Rilo", signs for more, does "so big", gives kisses and plays peek a boo.

My favorite thing to watch has been the developing relationship between Rilo and Collier. As he gets older, they have been playing more and more. Rilo hides and Collier finds her and attacks her. A recent favorite has been a game of tag. Rilo runs all around the house and Collier chases after her. Of course, it's not always smooth sailing...Rilo still gets mad when he "ruins her train tracks" or gets in her way. But overall they are becoming best friends and it makes my whole world.

Collier loves all food. I still haven't found a food he won't eat. And if you are eating in front of him and aren't sharing, he'll yell at the top of his lungs until you oblige him.

He is so sweet. He shares lots of loves and snuggles along with some slobbery kisses. He definitely loves his mama. And I sure love him.



This week I'm feeling extra thankful for my little family! For my husband who works hard for us, but plays hard too. He always makes time to play on the floor, wrestle on the bed or read books to the kids. And for my two healthy, happy babies...I couldn't be more thankful for all the time we spend together!
I'm especially thankful for the many mornings we spent at the beach in September. We hope some day we can spend many MORE mornings there!


Happy Halloween

When I asked Rilo what she wanted to be back in September, she said "a party". At first I giggled and then the more I thought about it, the more I loved it! Even though the idea had been formed a month and a half ago, I still waited until yesterday to make the costumes. Whoops!!
Rilo was the cake, Collier was the ice cream, I was the present and Adam (who ended up having a bunch of meetings, therefore couldn't fully dress up) was the decorations. Rilo tried to eat all her candy as we went, when I wasn't looking. She ate so much! I think the Great Pumpkin might come tonight and replace the candy with something special though!

And on a separate note, a former client and online friend of mine just found out her sweet little girl R, has a large brain tumor. R is just a few months younger than Rilo (2) and it breaks my heart thinking about all that my friend and the rest of her family are going through. She has 3 other little girls back at home, including a baby who is the same age as Collier. Any thoughts and prayers in their direction would be appreciated. And if you feel inclined to donate to help them, you can do so here.



I feel like that's what I've been doing this last week.  Surviving.  I've been unpacking every day since we got home on Wednesday.  It has seemed like I've accomplished so much, and then I would look around and it looked like I had hardly made a dent.  Today I have finally finished most of the unpacking.  Tomorrow will consist of putting away the odds and ends and then Wednesday will be a full day of cleaning.  And then I really hope to relax and enjoy my home!


And top of it all, today Rilo managed to split open her forehead.  She hit her head on the kitchen cabinets (while doing something I've told her not to do "because she might get hurt" 20 million times).  There was a lot of blood and some sheer moments of panic, but once I assessed the situation, I realized it wasn't as bad as it had first seemed.  To make matters worse, Adam had unexpectedly taken my car because his happened to randomly not start this morning.  Fortunately, he was close enough that he came to get us and took us to the ER.

While we were waiting for Adam, Rilo was cracking me up.  She didn't want to go to the hospital so she kept trying to tell me that Collier was the one that was hurt.  And that "nothing" happened to her.  And couldn't we just go read a book?!   But by the time we got to the ER, she was so excited.  She was happy and sweet and all smiles.  After a little glue, she was good to go!  I'm just thankful it wasn't anything more serious and that she is going to be just fine. Hopefully the rest of this week will be a little less eventful and a little more relaxing!


Fleur + Dot

In my wildest dreams, Rilo would own every single thing in this Fleur + Dot autumn collection. The colors, the patterns and the styles are all perfection. Even if I don't decide to splurge on a piece, they have definitely inspired me to sew again when we get home. See the whole collection here.




Happy Day

We spent Tuesday at Disneyland, for a little pre-birthday celebration.  Rilo was in heaven meeting all her "friends".  She gave all the characters the biggest hugs...it was pretty heartwarming.  Today we went out to breakfast, then Rilo took a 3 hour nap (and I didn't even work...I caught up on SYTYCD), played with my kids, put Collier to bed without a fight, and then ate cake with friends.  All in all a great day!



Rilo’s Big Girl Room Board #2

Here is inspiration board #2, again using thrift store sheets as my starting point. I really like both boards for very different reasons. Luckily I have a few months to pull things together and make my decision!

{Click on the images to find their sources}

West Elm Rug Urban Outfitters Pillow PB Teen Duvet Minted Art Print Robert Abbey Lamp Minted Art Print Bird Print Urban Outfitters Heart Shelf Mokkasin Poster Urban Outfitters Panda Bank

To see board #1, go here. Do you have a favorite out of the two? I'd love your opinion!