Collier’s Blankets

When I was working on Rilo's nursery I made a big quilt.  It took awhile to make and she never uses it.  Instead she sleeps with blankets her Great-Great Grandma made for her.  They are made of 2 pieces of flannel.  They are the perfect size, softness and warmth.  She loves them!  So I wised up this time and decided to skip on the quilt and just make a few flannel blankets.  I found this flannel in the clearance section of a local fabric store.  I think it's perfect for the room!



DIY Polka Dot Pillow

So last Thursday I mentioned that Emily and Rashelle's DIY Polka Dot pants inspired me on another project.  So last weekend I decided to try to replicate one of my favorite pillowcases.  In fact, the pillowcase was designed by Tuesday's featured artist, Rachel Castle.




First I made this white pillow with metallic dots.



But I wasn't in love with it so now I'm working on a gold on black version and a neon pink on linen version, just like Rachel Castle's pillow.  I just need to sew them up!  I used the same tutorial Emily and Rashelle shared, except I used a circle foam brush instead of an eraser.


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Mustard Dress

I saw this guest post by Carly from Playful Pickles over on Color Issue awhile ago and I keep coming back to it. I'm pretty sure that I need to make this dress for Rilo. She even has the little silver oxfords already. I have vowed to not buy anymore fabric (because I have way too much as it is) so I'll have to see what I can come up with. I absolutely love the asymmetrical sequin collar...it's what makes the simple dress!


{image via Color Issue}

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Onesie to Shirt

I stopped by Costco the other day and saw this cute little onesie + leggings set.  I loved the colors and the little detailing on the onesie, so for $5.49, I decided to grab one for Rilo.  The only problem was, I kind of despise onesies at this stage.  They seem so unnecessary and cumbersome.  So I decided to take it home and make it into a little shirt for her.  This took less than 10 minutes and had to be one of the easiest projects I've taken on.  Even though it was easy, I love the results!



First I just cut right above the leg holes.



Next I did a ironed and pinned my hem.  Lastly, I stitched the hem and then did a second row of stitching like you'll find on most shirts.  Seriously that simple!



Strawberry Skirt

To get me back in the habit of sewing, I wanted something simple and fast...something that I could have in my hands in no time flat. So I of course went with a little elastic band skirt for Rilo, like I made for her last year. I see many more of these in Rilo's future. I remembered I had some cute strawberry fabric from last summer's big Fabric.com sale. I decided that would probably be perfect since strawberries are Rilo's obsession right now. I just used the steps from Susan's tutorial and then added my own little strawberry pockets. I couldn't find the right color felt for the pockets, so I bought white felt and some fabric paint and brushed it on. Then I used some embroidery floss to make the seeds and some leftover green fabric for the leaves. I probably should have put a back on the leaves so they weren't so floppy, but I think they're cute anyway.
I wasn't planning on pulling the skirt up so high, but the shirt she already had on (that happened to match) was empire waisted and flowy. I pulled up the skirt to cover up that part of her top, but I actually think it's darling as a high-waisted skirt.



Now we just need some nice weather to go with her happy skirt!


Striped Sweater

How cute is this striped sweater Leanne from Elle Apparel made?



I haven't sewn anything in awhile, but I just found a whole storage bin full of fabrics I purchased in Chicago this past summer. I got all excited with the possibilities for the fabrics. First up, new pillows for my couch. Once those are out of the way though, I want to use up all that fabric any way I can. I just wish I had a great knit like the pink stripes in the photo!


Doorway Puppet Theater

We're still out and about visiting family and friends, but I have internet now!  Woo hoo!  Sorry for the no show yesterday.

Two summers ago I saw an idea for a puppet theater in a Country Living magazine.  I loved the idea and decided to make it for my niece and nephews.  I never took any pictures of it before I sent it off for their birthdays.  While we were visiting them last week in California, they put the theater up and got out their puppets.  Here is the one from the Country Living magazine.

And here is the one I made in action.

It was a really simple project!  Plus, what's better than a gift that inspires imagination and creativity!  For instructions on how to make a doorway puppet theater, see here.


Sheet Dress

On my other blog, I posted back in May about a dress I made for Rilo out of a sheet.  Well fast forward to last week when I discovered it amongst my fabric supplies.  She had never even put it on!

And well, she has certainly grown since then.  This barely fit her as a shirt!

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