DIY Circle Art

I finished my first Summer Rental Redesign project of this summer.  I wanted a little something to go over Rilo's crib and to add some color to the room.  I like to make sure that whatever is over the crib is really light, just in case it were to fall (see the toilet paper art over Rilo's crib at home here) and this project definitely fits the bill.  I feel like this project can be arranged and rearranged in so many ways, so I'm excited to see how it changes and gets added to, throughout the summer.



I picked up these little wooden circles at Michael's.  They came 6 to a pack for about $2.  I think I want to buy some more to fill up more space and play with the arrangements.



Summer Rental Redesign: Before

I just got back from a quick trip to Arizona for Morgan and Jared's wedding!  It was beautiful and Morgan looked amazing!


I wanted to share the before pictures of our apartment for the summer.  I'm excited to get this year's Summer Rental Redesign underway. I have a few projects in the works and I think they will really make the space feel more like home.  Overall, I really like this apartment.  It's big and open with lots of big closets.  It also has a parking garage which is great for those rainy days.  And it is much brighter than my dismal apartment last year.  Hooray!  It's amazing what a little sunlight does to one's mood!  All the furniture is rental furniture Adam's company provides...it's just there when we arrive so it's always a gamble.  This year, it's not too bad.


Dining Area:


Living Room:




Rilo's Room:


We've made a few purchases so far. We bought a desk for the little office nook. We have plans to paint this beat up guy. I also plan on changing out the art and mat in that cool gold faux bamboo frame.




We also bought a little TV stand. I'm in love with the dark wood and am leaving it just as it is...it's so pretty in person. (Thanks for the handprints on the TV Rilo!)