My little boy Collier is turning 2 next week!  Since he was 4 months old, he has loved to jump.  He'd jump on your lap, on the floor and in his jumper toy.  When he's upset, we tell him to jump it out.  And when he's excited, well he jumps then too!  So it only felt fitting that we have a jump party for his second birthday!  I wanted to do an interactive invitation, with an image of Collier jumping around.  It took 2 prototypes until I was able  to get something to work, but here's what I came up with!


Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-13

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-14

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-15

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-16

Collier 2nd Birthday Invites-17

If you want to see a video of it in action, you can find me on Instagram (@collectedblog). And contact me if you'd like to work together on a project:!

When my dear friend Margo asked me about designing woodland themed wedding invitations, I immediately got excited.  What better way to say "we're getting married in a forest" than by printing the actual invite on wood!?  We also created a map and a special details insert.  Since they were having a very intimate wedding, they asked that the guests dress in their colors, as they were all honorary wedding party members.  We added a fun little color wheel to guide the guests in the right direction.  My favorite addition was not my idea (it was actually the groom's!).  Margo and Brock included a different polaroid for each guest!  Congrats Margo and Brock!


Margo Invite Photos9Blog

Margo Invite Photos11Blog

Margo Invite Photos13Blog

Margo Invite Photos14Blog

Margo Invite Photos16Blog

Sara and Kevin decided to have a honey themed wedding.  I've known Sara for many years and she really is the epitome of sweet, so the theme was especially fitting.  I loved this pretty color palette and nod to the honey bee.  Congrats Sara and Kevin!


Sara Smith Invite Photos1Blog

Sara Smith Invite Photos3Blog

Sara Smith Invite Photos5Blog

Sara Smith Invite Photos6Blog

Sara Smith Invite Photos8Blog

My dear friend threw her sweet little girl an "Audrey in Onederland" themed 1st birthday party. Janelle and Audrey are the cutest girly pair, so we included pinks, florals and girly touches. I'm hoping to share some details from the party...there were banners and food labels and a little month-by-month matching game!



Onederland Blog Photos-1 copyB

Onederland Blog Photos-2B

Onederland Blog Photos-3B

Onederland Blog Photos-5B

Onederland Blog Photos-6B

I'm so honored to have had Spence's Birth announcements featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper. I'm always inspired by all the talented designers featured on their site so I'm flattered to be among so many greats. You can check out the feature here.    

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.30.41 AM

A few month ago I collaborated with my dear friends from Small Fry on an infographic for essential oils. We don't get sick often in our household but we've used essential oils for various illnesses and have been so happy with the results. You can learn much more about essential oils from the post on Small Fry.  

Small Fry Essential Oils Infographic2

So it's perfectly acceptable to share work from over 6 months ago right?! I sure hope so because that is really how behind I am! Last year I worked with Tana from Mom's Best to create pieces for the Hot Holiday Product Event. She wanted to use neon, gold and washi tape as the jumping off point for the party. I created numerous slides that ran on the website, invites, party signs, thank you cards and much more. Here are just some of the pieces that were used for the event!  

Moms Best Brand Board Blog

  Email me at if you'd like to work together on a project!

When Brooke contacted me about birth announcements for her little guy Spence, I was excited. She wanted something modern and not too babyish. I presented her two options. The first being just a standard announcement and the second being what we came up with here. I love that the design itself is still clean and simple, yet all the little details make it something special. The navy envelopes and petal envelopes are from Paper Source. I think I want to use petal envelopes in everything I do from now on! They add the perfect touch of sweetness and whimsy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Spence Birth Announcements-1Blog

Spence Birth Announcements-2bBlog

Spence Birth Announcements-3Blog

Spence Birth Announcements-4Blog

Spence Birth Announcements-6Blog

Spence Birth Announcements-8Blog

Spence Birth Announcements-9Blog

Apr. 2013

Mini House Tour

As my saga always goes, I really wanted to get a house tour done before we left for the summer. But that never usually happens because things tend to get crazy the month before we leave. I did manage to sneak in a few photos the day before we left. I didn't get to Collier's room because he happened to be napping during the few minutes I had to run around and grab these. I plan on doing a full tour next fall, when I'm not quite as rushed and can really work on styling and taking nicer photos. But I thought I'd at least put a little sneak peek of the house as it is now!   Living Room-3 Blog

Living Room-4 Blog

Living Room-7 Blog Dining Room-2 Blog

Dining Room-3 Blog

Kitchen-1 Blog

Kitchen-5 Blog

Master Bedroom-3 Blog

Master Bedroom-10 Blog

Master Bedroom-11 Blog

Office-9 Blog

Playroom-1 Blog

Playroom-2 Blog

Rilos Room-2 Blog

Rilos Room-12 Blog